ELEX 2 An Antidote for Tilas Guide

Last Update: March 1, 2022


Tilas Out For The Count

If you chose the Berserkers for the faction you want to ally yourself with, in order to move up the ranks you'll need to complete a few missions around The Fort to advance from Cultivator to Warrior. You'll need Tilas' approval, but he's been knocked out of commission by a poorly cleaned beaker. Here's a short ELEX 2 An Antidote For Tilas Guide.

Speaking with Marwin once you find out Tilas is down for the count, he's going to send you on two different missions, detailed below.


An Antidote For Tilas - Ordinary Vegetables Mission

There's no combat required for this mission, and chance are you'll already have the ingredients that Marwin wants for this mission:

  • 10 Blue Flower
  • 15 Red Flower
  • 20 Garlic

Where To Find Garlic in Elex 2

If you don't have enough garlic like I did at the time - finding more can be tough. Buying it, however, is very easy. Simply head across the street (a short walk Northeast) and talk to the Alchemist Trader - she'll have the Red Flowers, Blue Flowers, and Garlic you need to complete this Quest.

Troll Island ELEX 2

An Antidote For Tilas - A Fatal Ingredient

The other part of this mission is getting Troll Root. Trolls are difficult to take down, especially with melee, so the recommendation here is to just run around the area marked on the map and grab all 5 Troll Roots that Marwin needs. They're all right in the middle where the two trolls are located.


Head back to Marwin and give him the ingredients - he'll ask you to come back tomorrow, so go and take a few naps to push the clock forward. Talk with Marwin, and soon after Tilas will be back up and crotchety as usual. Here, you're given a choice:

  • Give Credit to Marwin: Lower Destruction and Tilas will like you more
  • An Antidote For Tilas -  Higher Destruction, Tilas likes you less

Whichever you choose - Tilas still won't give you the approval for Warrior status and requests that you come back in 24 hours to try a concoction that he can't tell you the side effects for.

Tilas' Panacea Potion

Come back in 24 hours - and accept to drink the Panacea Potion, which grants +1 to all attributes. If you're a higher level, this is a great bonus, especially if it takes 5 attribute points to increase an attribute.
Plus, now you can head back to Rat and let him know that Tilas approves of you becoming a Warrior of the Berserkers. Huzzah!


Panacea Potion

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