ELEX 2 Albs faction guide - How to become a Trooper for the Albs

Last Update: March 28, 2022


Jax As Alb Trooper ELEX 2

Officially joining the Albs in ELEX 2

You will become a Scout for the Albs after finishing Skibor’s Life Insurance Policy and An Alb Agent. With these done, you can talk to Azok to become a member of the Albs faction in ELEX 2. However, be forewarned that this will prevent you from joining other factions in the game, barring one (we’ll talk about this later in the guide).

Join The Albs Azok

Colossi Blueprints

For now, you’ll have a quest called The Duties of a Scout. Your first task is to talk to the engineer, Kell, who needs Colossi Blueprints before he can train you.


You can pass the skill check if you have 20 Intelligence or 40 Cunning. If not, then you’ll have to fetch the item for him.

The Colossi Blueprints can be found directly east of the Albs Depot. However, it’s guarded by dozens of Skyand monsters, including a Behemoth. Ideally, you’ll want to bring a companion with you, such as Caja or Nyra, so they can distract hostiles.

Quickly beeline for the crate and pick up the item. Then, move away from the location until you lose aggro so you can fast travel back to Kell.


ELEX 2 Alb Blueprint Location

Mutant Attacks

Kell will now serve as your trainer, though you don’t need to obtain anything from him. Instead, just talk to Azok once more. He’ll have another task where you need to investigate the reason for mutant attacks.

This location is an abandoned house south of the base (as usual, track each sub-quest so the marker appears on your map). There are numerous mutants here, and you need to reach the basement of a house. Inside, you’ll find two Elex deposits.

Mutants Alb Trooper Mission

Report back to Azok and he’ll say that the area needs to be cleared. He’ll have a commander and two guards act as your temporary followers.


Fast travel close to the area and aggro the mobs. Your followers should be able to hold their own even against Molochs, and you won’t need to do anything except bathe in the XP.

Vakis and the Berserkers

After talking to Azok once more, he’ll give you your third task. One of his lieutenants, Vakis, is attempting to infiltrate the Berserkers. He’ll be waiting for you down by the cliffs to the west of the stronghold.


ELEX 2 Vakis Location

If you attempt to join the Berserkers in your playthrough, you’ll know that they won’t let you inside the stronghold unless you’ve completed certain jobs first. You can ask Gardar nicely if you want to know where to find Scrappy, or you can Threaten him if you have 20 Strength. He won’t budge, but he’ll tell you to help Thorhild with a task.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to get Vakis to accompany you to the entrance. He does not have a convincing alibi, but Gardar still lets him in.

Berserker Fort Entrance

Once inside, Vakis still wants you to do another task so he can learn more about the Berserkers’ Mana. Talk to Gardar again, followed by Fenris, and the latter will suggest three NPCs that might have jobs in the vicinity. We ended up asking Tilas, the same guy who needed an antidote, if he can hire Vakis.

After confirming with Vakis, go back to Azok. This will complete The Duties of a Scout quest chain. Likewise, you’ll see  the option to become an Albs Trooper in ELEX 2. To get a higher rank, though, you should first reach level 20. Lastly, if you wish, you’ll be able to side with the Clerics soon enough.

Tilas Alb

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