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ELEX 2 The Capital Temple Guide

March 1, 2022

By: Rutledge Daugette


We've all heard of get rich quick schemes, but sometimes I guess they work out. In your travels, you'll come across a Cleric named Martin in Carakis, near the Morkon Grotto. You'll find him directly south, as outlined in the picture below. If you talk with him, you'll start The Capital Temple mission.

Martin Location Capital Choice
Seems Legit

The Capital Temple Choice - You have 3 choices, and can "invest": 100 shards, 500 shards, or 1,000 shards.


Upon doing so, Martin will assure you that you'll get your money back, and then some - but he needs a week to turn it around. Go about your business, complete quests, take naps or do whatever you want to pass the time.

After 7 days, Jax will make a comment about Martin, wondering what happened to him. It's at this point that you'll now find him in the Bastion…funds in hand.


The Capital Temple Reward: (if you chose 1,000 Elexit): 3,000 Elexit & 300 XP.

He'll even stick around at the Bastion after he made you some money, and if you check in every few days, he'll give you 200 shards. Between the 3,000 Elexit, and regular injections of 200 Elexit, you'll be able to beef up your currency reserves to buy potions, gear, or whatever else you may need on your journey through ELEX 2. If you want another way to earn some quick Elexit, check out our Elex 2 Con Job Guide!


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