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Meeting With Hank ELEX 2

Early on in Elex 2, you'll have the opportunity to explore and complete missions around the Berserker fort, such as "The Berserker's Trust" and "Baxter's Propoganda." One that might get missed is trading with Hank outside of Tilas' hut. Speak with Hank to start the ELEX 2 Meeting With Hank mission. Here's how that mission plays out, and what you can get.

Hank has an offer for you - pay him 250 shards and he'll have a special offer to trade with him. However, you'll have to wait 2 days to come back. Either head out and do some missions or just find a bed and sleep for 2 days (sounds great, right?)


Elex 2 Hank Choice

With that pesky time out of the way, head back to Hank and talk with him, selecting "Got anything to trade?" and then he'll give you a few options but specifically ask for Elex.

  • Trade 1 Elex
  • Trade 1 Iron Ore
  • Trade 1 Lockpick
  • Trade 1 Beer

In the end, it doesn't matter what you trade him. He'll give you the same thing "Hank's Gold Bar," and tell you to go visit a specific Cleric to sell it, and "sell it right." This begins the Mission "Bartering with Hank"

Bartering With Hank Mission

So you've got this sweet Hanks Gold Bar, but to sell it you'll have to meet with Vivian from The Clerics. Select the mission, and head North to meet her at the Cleric castle. Talking to Vivian reveals that you've been scammed and that she doesn't know who or where Hank is.


Head back to The Fort, and while Hank is no longer where he was, you can talk to Tilas to get a clue - Hank has run off to the Outlaw city within The Crater to the Northeast. Confront the scammer, and you'll have two options:

  • Attack Hank - Ask for your shards first to He's a tough fight early on, make sure you've leveled up a bit before going this route. Killing him rewards you: Cigarettes. Grenade, Elex, Elexit x75, Damaged War Scepter
  • Leave Hank Alone - Ask for your shards first, but don't fight him - you walk away with 1 shard.

Either way, you got scammed and you're out a few hundred shards. Get rich quick schemes never work out.

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