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ELEX 2 Map Puzzle Map

Open World games have no shortage of things to find strewn about the map. ELEX 2 is no exception, offering players the chance to find a number of unique weapons, as well as 16 map pieces placed around the map to form one larger map. You'll unlock a sweet Prototype, as well as the "Legendary" achievement for your effort! If you're having trouble finding them, our ELEX 2 Map Piece Locations Guide should do the trick for you!

ELEX 2 Map Pieces - Full Map

Elex 2 All Map Pieces Map

Every ELEX 2 Map Piece Location

Map Piece 01 ELEX 2

Map Piece 01 Location


You'll find the first map piece way out on the southwest corner of the map, along the broken bridge.

Map Piece 02 ELEX 2

Map Piece 02 Location

To the northwest of The Fort, you'll find this in a run-down building, just laying on a mattress.

Map Piece 03 ELEX 2

Map Piece 03 Location

Inside The Fort, you'll find this piece on a kitchen table in the larger building just south of all the vendors.

Map Piece 04 ELEX 2

Map Piece 04 Location


To the Northeast of the Fort, you'll find a small building with a giant mech outside. Avoid fighting it during earlier levels, as it hits hard. You'll find this map piece in a box up on the roof.

Map Piece 05 ELEX 2

Map Piece 05 Location


Inside the Cleric stronghold, you'll find this on the top floor of the crumbling tower on the southwest side of the main building.

Map Piece 06 ELEX 2

Map Piece 06 Location

At the top of the crumbling round tower at the south side of The Bastion, you'll find this stuck to a piece of wood with a sword.

Map Piece 07 ELEX 2

Map Piece 07 Location

You'll find this at the top of the skyscraper on the north side of Thompsontown, next to the Death Stick unique weapon. You'll want an upgraded Jetpack for this one!


Map Piece 08 ELEX 2

Map Piece 08 Location

At the very top of a tower near where you start the game, you'll find this after a few jetpacks jumps from the ground to the top.

Map Piece 09 ELEX 2

Map Piece 09 Location

On the outskirts of Thompsontown on the Northwest side, you'll find this just inside the southwestern door on a table.

Map Piece 10 ELEX 2

Map Piece 10 Location

Directly east of Map Piece 09, you'll find this on the edge of the cliff, next to two skeletons.

Map Piece 11 ELEX 2

Map Piece 11 Location

You'll venture here during a Crony companion mission, once going up a wooden ramp you'll see a cave entrance to the left. Head all the way back to find the map piece.

Map Piece 12 ELEX 2

Map Piece 12 Location

This one is easy to miss, and it's found at the top of a building that is surrounded by Reavers just outside of the teleport pad.

Map Piece 13 ELEX 2

Map Piece 13 Location

South of the Alb Depot, you'll find this in one of the smaller buildings on a table below a large painting. Sorry for missing the map itself in the picture!

Map Piece 14 ELEX 2

Map Piece 14 Location

Directly west of the Alb Depot, this map piece is hanging out on a table next to some barrels.

Map Piece 15 ELEX 2

Map Piece 15 Location

Near where you find the "Door Opener" Unique Weapon, this is just down the main ramp inside a small building to the left of the door.

Map Piece 16 ELEX 2

Map Piece 16 Location

This one is out in the open on the southern side of Mararcor, on a table inside a Gazebo.

What to do with all ELEX 2 Map Pieces

Now, you've got all 16 map pieces collected - what do you do with them? Solve a puzzle of course! Head to The Bastion, and directly above the entrance to the first floor, jet up to the 2nd-floor balcony, and in the back right of the room, you'll find the map board:

Map Piece Puzzle bastion elex 2

Go ahead and interact with it, and place all 16 map pieces. Once you've placed them, the map will complete and the "Well-Guarded Secret" mission will unlock, as you've now got coordinates to check out!

Well-Guarded Secret Mission - ELEX 2 Legendary Achievement

Activate the mission and head to the "Old Ironworks" Teleport Pad. You'll likely have to deal with a few enemies, so go ahead and dispatch them. Head to the 2nd floor of the indicated building, and you'll find a Console next to a Safe.

The Map Piece Quest password is "Infinite Skies Inc" - opening up the safe next to it. You'll unlock the "Prototype" Module, which automatically gives +1 Adventurer, displaying any missing Teleporter Pads you're missing and adding a bonus to experience gain. You don't need to enable or activate it, and it can't be sold.

Reward for Completing ELEX 2 Map Piece Puzzle

Congratulations, you've collected all 16 pieces, unlocked a great bonus to level up - and unlocked the ELEX 2 "Legendary Achievement"!

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