Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective Key Art

From developer Darjeeling, the team behind Homo Machina and Californium, comes Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, a fun, engaging, and one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure.  Play as detective

Weaving Tides Key Art

From indie developer Follow the Feathers comes a puzzle game with a unique twist in Weaving Tides! Play as Tass, a young boy who is searching for his parents in a mystical world made of cloth and

Mayhem in Single Valley Key Art

Ready for some fun a quirky little action-adventure? Look no further than Mayhem in Single Valley, a new game by indie developer Fluxscopic.  Play as Jack, a mischievous kid armed with a slingshot.

Ella 2048 Triple Screenshots

Nutaku has just dropped the most highly anticipated 3D Android-based smut game of the year, exclusively on their site. The title, Ella 2048, is a puzzle-RPG that features highly-detailed 3D models,

The Last Campfire Key Art

From Hello Games, the developers behind No Mans Sky and, along with developers behind The Lost Winds comes a personal, puzzle adventure, The Last Campfire.  The Last Campfire is a story of a lost

Solas 128 Key Art

Be ready to explore plenty of interconnected puzzles with a musical twist in SOLAS 128, from indie developer Amicable Animal. At its heart, SOLAS is a beam deflection game where you must rotate and

Waifu Surprise Key Art

If you need something to keep you warm while you wait for the seasons to turn then Nutaku has you covered. A brand-new, free-to-play dating simulator has just hit the site, called Waifu Surprise,

Lab Rat Game Screen

Lab Rat is a new, hand crafted puzzle game where the player must maneuver objects, divert lasers, and manipulate electricity to overcome 100+ surprising genre-bending puzzles. Players need to outwit

Ryte Eye of Atlantis Key Art

Get ready for a new VR experience with Ryte - The Eye of Atlantis by Orichalcum Pictures.  Inspired by classic adventure games like Myst, Ryte takes you on an epic journey as you travel back to the