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Terra Nil is a relaxing strategy game with city-building elements that allows players to turn a barren wasteland into a lavish and beautiful oasis. Players will be able to use high-tech eco-technology to purify the soil and create plains, wetlands, beaches, and more. Being careful to recycle all of the materials you have previously used for projects in order to keep a clean and safe environment for wildlife is the key to success. 

Since the maps are procedurally generated, players will have a vastly different experience every time they create a new world of their own. Whether that means they will encounter rougher terrain, sprawling lakes, ponds, or even mountains, no playthrough will ever be the same twice. The aim of the game is to not only rejuvenate the lands around you but to clean up after yourself when you have reached your goals to ensure that wildlife and animals thrive once you have left. 

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Free Lives
Devolver Digital
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March 28, 2023 (Calendar)
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