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Chaotic Lab
Gammera Nest
PlayStation 4
Release Date
June 17, 2022 (Calendar)

System of Souls is a first person puzzle game set in the year 2155, where life on Earth has become unsustainable. To survive, humans are forced to transfer their souls into robotic bodies. However, an accident causes the protagonist, L-064N, to wake up in one of these bodies with no memories of their past.

To get their memories back, L-064N must go through the ruins of neurotechnology facility, completing different puzzle-based challenges. Along the way, he'll meet up with the AI Aura and learn more about the other robotic beings within the facility.

Developer Quote

System of Souls is a first-person puzzle-platformer. Throughout a series of tests, L-064N will discover with Aura, an overdeveloped AI, the neurotechnology facilities of ION and the events that have led him to his current path. The story seems to be based on a simple explanation, but the player will gradually discover the feelings and experiences of other robotic beings like him which will lead to a path of doubts regarding the truth you have been told.