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Cosmonaut Studios
Secret Mode
Release Date
May 19, 2022 (Calendar)

Eternal Threads is a time manipulating puzzle game where you're tasked with saving six people from a house fire in 2015. However, instead of directly stopping the fire, you must instead manipulate the choices of each person so they make it out alive.

You have access to a seven day timeline, showing the events that took place leading up to the fire. By changing what each character does at certain points, you can potentially change the final outcome dramatically. There are many different ways to save every character, and even multiple outcomes for each one. While you might be able to find a quick solution, there could be ways to have an even more positive effect on the lives of the six people you're saving.

Changes to the timeline can constantly made, with some giving you hints at what you might need to change elsewhere. Your temporary base, which is situated inside the hours only hours after the fire, will also change in reaction to your current choices. This can often lead to new discoveries, as more items appear or certain rooms change substantially.

Developer Quote

Eternal Threads is a single-player, first-person story-driven puzzle game of time manipulation, choice and consequence.

As an operative tasked with fixing corruption in the timestream, you have been sent to the North of England in May 2015, where six people died in a house fire. Prohibited from simply stopping the fire, you must instead manipulate the choices made by the housemates in the week leading up to it so that they all survive the event.