Lonesome Village Is A Cozy Coyote Puzzler Coming In November

If you've had enough of stressful, combat-heavy games, then coyote puzzler Lonesome Village, which is coming this November, is exactly what you need.

Published: October 4, 2022 11:41 AM /


The cute coyote protagonist in Lonesome Village about to explore the titular town

Are you tired of blasting demons with your super shotgun? Looking for something a little more peaceful? Lonesome Village, a cute combat-free coyote puzzler in which you must rebuild the titular town, has you covered. It's coming to PC, Xbox, and Switch next month.

Lonesome Village is billed by its creators as a "cozy, no-combat, coyote adventure". Aesthetically, it's a little similar to games like Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, although this is a far gentler and less madcap affair. The inhabitants of the town of Lonesome have all vanished, and a tower has erupted from the ground. As Wes, an intrepid coyote, you must explore the tower, solve its puzzles, and restore the villagers' homes.

If you want an idea of what kind of gameplay awaits you in Lonesome Village, you can take a look at the new release date trailer right here.

As promised by its press release, Lonesome Village will be an experience entirely free of combat, so you won't be fighting anything here. Instead, you'll be solving a series of "mind-bending puzzles" throughout the tower that has sprung up in Lonesome. Hey, just because there's no combat doesn't mean it can't be hard.

Wes the cute coyote fishing in Lonesome Village
If you don't feel up to solving puzzles in Lonesome Village, you can always just fish.

There will also be some life sim elements in Lonesome Village. Not only can you solve puzzles and unravel a mystery, but you'll also find fishing and gardening on offer for when it's time to unwind. Whether you're in the market for a compelling narrative about a mysterious village and its strange inhabitants or you just want to catch some fish, Lonesome Village should be on your wishlist.

You can check out Lonesome Village when it launches on PC via Steam, as well as Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch, on November 1st. 

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