Quirky Penguin Brawling Indie Game The Punchuin Available Now

Find your zen and punch everything in sight as an adorable little penguin in the newly released indie game Punchuin, available now on the Switch!

Published: December 20, 2022 3:20 PM /


The Punchuin screenshot of the penguin main character dunking a basketball

The holiday season is nearly over, and with that comes the five-day Switch holiday indie game event. Today, as a part of the event, The Punchuin has been released by Shinen Games and features a nifty story about a penguin with a need for violence. 

Now, just the title of this game initially confused me, until I watched the video that was posted alongside this announcement. The game follows a sweet little penguin who is now on a mission to discover the treasures of Punch Mountain. Though, the penguin still isn't entirely sure that this treasure exists, as it seems to be considered a tall tale around town. Your job as the player is to explore the depths of Punch Mountain, searching for treasure and speaking with NPCs along the way for helpful clues. 

The game is basically a puzzle-brawler. Picture Tetris meets One Punch Man and the one doing all of the punchings is a penguin; that is the best way to describe this extremely off-the-wall game. As you make your way further into the depths of the mountain, you will need to match up and punch open blocks to reveal treasures from within them. This can consist of diamonds or cash. You will use these treasures to purchase upgrades from the in-game Punch shop, which will be used to make it further into the mountain. 

For those who have a more competitive side, there is a multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge a friend. While there isn't too much information on the multiplayer mode, it seems as though you will compete with a friend head-to-head to collect the most treasure and make it to the deepest part of the mountain first. 

The House of Indies: Holiday Event ends on December 23, 2022, and from now until then you will be able to catch some interesting new indie releases via the Nintendo website. It's like an advent calendar but for game releases! 

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