Toem New Island DLC Filled with Spooky and Puzzling Content on PlayStation Plus

Published: September 12, 2022 3:08 PM /


Toem Screenshot via Steam, where the black and white style characters are inside of a village, Toem New Island DLC

It has been announced via the Sony blog that the Toem New Island DLC will include some spooky areas, new puzzles, minigames, and a vast amount of treasure to find. This will be the largest island added to the game to date and will be available to any PlayStation Plus members that have completed the entirety of the base game.

Fans of the franchise know that this adorable and wholesome picture-taking adventure Toem is just the sweetest game to be available on PlayStation Plus. As of right now, the base game comes with plenty of hilarious and quirky characters to meet, people who need help, and puzzles that will keep you busy for hours on end. Luckily, the devs at Something We Made have just announced even more thrilling content to be added, which is a vast new island for players to enjoy.

Within this DLC comes Basto, an island that is teeming with treasures to hunt down, brand new minigames to enjoy, and even spooky scary stories to become immersed in. There will also be new quests, NPCs to befriend, and several Compendium critters to locate and add to your list. The developers state that the new content adds about one to two hours more of gameplay to the game and that they have been hard at work to bring this vision to life. They stated that this content would have been released with the base game, but they couldn't create such a vast amount of content in the allotted time and decided to make it a DLC instead.

 Toem Water Popper Camera Attachment, Toem New Island DLC

More so, there is now a new camera attachment available in Basto, which throws water balloons that splash into anything they touch. This attachment allows players to interact with the world around them in an entirely new way, where you can splash into stamps, as well as unfounded adventures. Bushes and other objects within the game even react to the Water Popper camera attachment, and the devs say they implemented this in order to make the world feel more alive as you traverse the grounds and make new friends.

What makes this addition even better is that it is completely free for those who already have the game purchased or have a PlayStation Plus membership! That means that once you have completed the base game content, the Basto DLC will automatically unlock and give you even more content to thoroughly enjoy.

As of right now, Toem is available on Steam, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and The Epic Games Store. The price will vary per the platform you choose, but right now it is on sale for only $9.99 via Steam.


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