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In this Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide, we'll tell you how to progress the story, find new islands, and unlock new objects for your Raft!

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Getting Started With the Story

Your journey will begin on a small 2x2 Raft with a Plastic Hook and not much else. You're going to have to get the basics of the game down first -- check out our Starter Guide to get a jumpstart on your journey.

Once you feel that you have a grasp of the basics, your next step will be to expand your Raft and start hunting for resources like Scrap, Metal, Sand, and Clay. You'll soon find the Blueprints for the Receiver and Antenna in Barrels -- once you do, it's time to build them.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Receiver and Antenna

How to Build the Receiver and Antenna in Raft

Our next step in this Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is to build the Receiver and the Antenna. The Receiver takes 8 Plank, 6 Plastic, 2 Circuit Board, and 1 Hinge. You need 3 Antennae, and each one takes 4 Scrap, 1 Circuit Board, and 1 Bolt. You'll also need a Simple Battery for the Receiver, which requires 1 Copper Ingot, 3 Scrap, and 6 Plastic.

Here's everything you need to have to build the Receiver and 3 Antennae:

  • 8 Plank
  • 12 Plastic
  • 5 Circuit Board
  • 15 Scrap
  • 3 Bolt
  • 1 Copper Ingot

You'll need to have researched Metal and Copper to make these parts. You'll also need Metal Ingots and Copper Ingots and not the raw ore, so you'll need to get Sand and Clay to make Dry Bricks for a Smelter.

Once you've collected all of the materials, you need to build the Receiver and the three Antenna on the same level. You can't have the Antenna higher or lower than the Receiver. Each Antenna must be spaced out from the other Antennae, and the Antennae need to be a short distance away from the Receiver, too.

How to Use The Receiver in Raft

You can use the Receiver by placing three Antennae down on the same level as the Receiver. The Antennae need to be spaced out a short distance away from each other and the Receiver; if it's not far enough away, the Receiver will tell you when you turn it on.

You'll also need to power the Receiver with a Simple Battery. The Simple Battery will gradually drain as the Receiver is on, so you should only turn it on periodically to check your location.

Once it's turned on, the Receiver will be automatically tuned to the default Radio Code for the first location - the Radio Tower.

Raft Chapters and Walkthrough Guides

Now that you've got the receiver tuned in, and you're moving - we've got chapter-by-chapter walkthroughs to help you make it through the end of  the game! There are 8 in all:

That's the end of our Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide. Have a gander at some of our other Raft guides below!

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