Raft Recycler and Trash Cube Guide

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Raft Recycler and Trash Cube Guide - cover

In this Raft Recycler and Trash Cube Guide, we'll tell you how to unlock the Recycler, how it works, and what you can use Trash Cubes for!

How to Unlock the Raft Recycler and Trash Cube

You can unlock the Raft Recycler by building a Receiver and progressing to the Radio Tower, the first chapter of the game's story. The Recycler is one of the Blueprints you can find in this location.

How the Raft Recycler Works

The Raft Recycler will take any non-food items like Planks, Plastic, and Scrap and turn them into Trash Cubes. In a sense, the Recycler is the non-organic counterpart to the Biofuel Refiner.

Trash Cubes will be produced over time as long as the Recycler's processing bin is filled with junk and it's powered with a Simple Battery. You'll need to Research the Simple Battery and have Copper and other materials to build one. Once the Simple Battery runs out, you'll have to Craft another one until you unlock the Battery Charger.

Raft Recycler and Trash Cube Guide - Trading Post

What Are Raft Trash Cubes Used For?

The Raft Trash Cube is used as a currency at Trading Posts, a small location that can be found on Large Islands. However, this is only part of the puzzle -- you'll also need to sell rare Fish to the Trading Post to increase your reputation and earn Trade Coins, another currency that is used for some purchases. You can buy Tier 1 Fishing Bait for just Trash Cubes and catch new Fish with it; then, you can sell those to increase your Reputation and unlock higher tiers.

Trading Posts have a wide variety of items on offer such as Cooking recipes, raw resources, and more. However, some of the more valuable items will be unlocked until you increase your Reputation.

Essentially, the Recycler is used to dispose of junk you've collected that you don't need. Trash Cubes compress these items down and help save your valuable storage space, too.

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