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This Raft Fishing guide will tell you how to unlock Fishing, how to Fish, how to get Fishing Bait, and where you can find Fish in the game!

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How to Get Fishing Bait | Where to Find Fish

How to Unlock Raft Fishing

You can unlock Raft Fishing by putting 1 Plank and 1 Rope in the Research Table. After that, you need to Learn the recipe for the Fishing Rod.

How to Craft a Fishing Rod in Raft

You can Craft a Fishing Rod with 6 Planks and 8 Rope. You can later get a Metal Fishing Rod which is crafted with 3 Scrap, 1 Bolt, and 8 Rope.

How to Unlock a Metal Fishing Rod in Raft

You can unlock the Metal Fishing Rod by placing 1 Scrap, 1 Bolt, and 1 Rope in the Research Table and pressing the "Learn" button.

Raft Fishing Guide - How to Fish in Raft

How to Fish in Raft

Fishing in Raft is pretty easy. Once you've Crafted a Fishing Rod, all you need to do is stand near the water and left-click to cast your line. When your line starts getting tugged on by a Fish, left-click again and you'll reel it in.

You also have the option of using Fishing Bait. You won't need this for the early game, so don't worry about it if you've just started playing. This is a new mechanic that we're still exploring; we'll have more details on this as we discover them.

How to Get Fishing Bait in Raft

You can get Fishing Bait by taking Trash Cubes to a Trader as reported on Reddit. You'll need to unlock the Recycler first, though, and that means you'll have to progress through the story.

Once you start making Trash Cubes, you can buy Simple Bait from a Trader at a Large Island. This will let you get more Fish than you otherwise could. You can then sell these Fish to a Trader to get Trade Coins, raise your Reputation with the Traders, and unlock higher tiers of Fishing Bait (and more stuff to buy, too).

Raft Fishing Guide - Where to Find Fish in Raft

Where to Find Fish in Raft

You can find Fish in Raft at different locations, although you won't be able to get many of the newer Fish without progressing the story and exploring new locations.


The following Fish can be found in the ocean anywhere in the game:

  • Catfish
  • Herring
  • Mackerel
  • Pomfret
  • Salmon
  • Tilapia

Pomfret and Herring are used interchangeably to craft Shark Bait, an item used to distract (or help fight) the Shark; these two fish can also be Cooked. Mackerel and Tilapia are only good for Cooking. Salmon and Catfish are so large, they can only be Cooked on an Advanced Grill; you'll need to get Nails and Metal Ingots to build one.

Other Fish

You can find other fish in later parts of the game -- we're still exploring this game and will update this guide with more details as we get them.

That's that for our Raft Fishing Guide. While you're here, why not look at some of our other guides, too?

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