How to Get Dirt in Raft

Last Update: June 26, 2022


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This guide will tell you how to get Dirt in Raft, an essential item if you're going to raise any animals like Cluckers, Llamas, and Goats on your ship.

How to Get Dirt in Raft

You can get Dirt by finding Dirt deposits on Large Islands or Story Islands and digging it up with your Shovel.


How to Get a Shovel in Raft

You can get a shovel by Researching the Plank, Metal Ingot, and Bolt at the Research Table and Learning the Shovel Crafting recipe. Then, all you have to do is Craft a Shovel for 1 Metal Ingot, 1 Bolt, and 6 Planks.

What is Dirt Used For in Raft?

Dirt is only used for one thing in Raft right now: Grass Plots. Grass Plots are used to feed your Animals. If your Animals aren't fed, they won't produce Wool, Eggs, or Milk, so you'll absolutely need to have some Dirt if you want to raise Animals on your Raft.

Best Way to Get Dirt in Raft


Best Way to Get Dirt in Raft

Unfortunately, the best way to get Dirt in Raft is to travel to a lot of Large Islands -- there's no reliable way to gather large amounts without visiting a lot of different places.

Most Large Islands will have a handful of Dirt deposits that you can dig up. You need 2 pieces of Dirt, 6 Planks, and 4 Plastic to make a single Grass Plot, and you'll probably want at least one Grass Plot per Animal on your Raft. Your Animals won't die if you don't have enough Grass Plots, but they also won't produce anything if they're not regularly fed with Grass.

If you've unlocked the Receiver, it will be a little easier to find new Large Islands. Simply watch for green blips on the Receiver and those will lead you to Islands, although they won't always be Large Islands. That said, it's certainly much better than wandering around the ocean and hoping to stumble upon a Large Island.


That's the end of our guide on how to get Dirt in Raft. Have a look at our other Raft Guides below!

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