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In this Raft Farming Guide, we'll tell you how to get started with Farming, how the Scarecrow and Sprinkler work, and what Crops you can grow!

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How Scarecrows Work | How the Sprinkler Works | List of Crops

How to Unlock Raft Farming

Farming is unlocked by default in Raft, although you'll only have access to the Small Crop Plot. Here's what you'll need to Research to unlock the other Crop Plots:

  • Medium Crop Plot - Plank, Scrap
  • Large Crop Plot - Plank, Rope, Nail, Bolt
  • Grass Plot - Dirt, Plank, Plastic

Aside from these larger Crop Plots, you'll also probably want to Research the following items:

  • Advanced Purifier - Plank, Plastic, Glass
  • Empty Bottle - Plastic, Vine Goo
  • Scarecrow - Plank, Palm Leaf, Nail, Plastic
  • Sprinkler - Plastic, Scrap, Bolt, Circuit Board

Raft Farming Guide - How to Farm

How to Farm in Raft

Here's how to Farm in Raft:

  1. Build a Crop Plot of your choice.
  2. Plant the appropriate Seed in the Crop Plot.
  3. Water the Crop Plot with Fresh Water.
  4. Wait for the Crop to grow.

Unfortunately, your Crops are not always safe -- you'll have to contend with Seagulls trying to steal your Crops.

Raft Farming Guide - Scarecrow

How Scarecrows Work in Raft

Scarecrows protect your crops in Raft, but this protection comes at a cost -- the default Scarecrow has a total of three HP before it's destroyed.

The health of a Scarecrow is indicated by how many limbs it has remaining. Here's how it works:

  • 3 HP - 2 arms
  • 2 HP - 1 arm
  • 1 HP - no arms

When a Scarecrow has no arms, the next successful attack from a Seagull will rip its head off and destroy it.

Speaking of destroying it, disassembling a damaged Scarecrow will only give you a portion of its resources rather than the full amount. There's no cheesing it here -- you're going to have to occasionally rebuild Scarecrows. Fortunately, you can prevent any damage coming to them by killing the Seagull attacking it.

How to Unlock the Scarecrow in Raft

You can unlock the Scarecrow by Researching the Plank, Palm Leaf, Nail, and Plastic at the Research Table.

How to Unlock the Advanced Scarecrow in Raft

Unfortunately, we don't yet know how to unlock the Advanced Scarecrow. Presumably, it's unlocked at some point during the Story -- we'll update this guide when we find out how.

How to Kill Seagulls in Raft

You can kill Seagulls in Raft by poking them with a Spear or shooting them with the Basic Bow. While you can shoot them down in the air, they're easiest to hit when they're actively attacking a Scarecrow -- as long as there aren't any clipping issues with other objects on your Raft.

Raft Farming Guide - Sprinkler

How the Sprinkler Works in Raft

The Sprinkler will automatically water any crops in a 3x3 area in the direction the Sprinkler is pointing.

Naturally, you'll need to ensure that there is water in the Sprinkler's tank (whether you fill it up by hand or hook it up to Water Pipes). You'll also need to equip it with a Battery to power the Sprinkler.

How to Unlock the Sprinkler in Raft

You can unlock the Sprinkler by Researching Plastic, Scrap, the Bolt, and the Circuit Board at the Research Table.

Raft Farming Guide - What Can You Farm

What You Can Farm in Raft? - List of Crops

You can farm quite a few crops in Raft, although you can't farm everything. Here's a list of what you can Farm:

Small Crop Plot Crops

The Small Crop Plot takes up less space than a single Foundation and can hold any three of the Following Crops.

  • Beet (Raw Beet)
  • Black Flower (Black Seed)
  • Blue Flower (Blue Seed)
  • Potato (Raw Potato)
  • Red Flower (Red Seed)
  • Strawberry (Strawberry Seed)
  • White Flower (White Seed)
  • Yellow Flower (Yellow Seed)

Medium Crop Plot Crops

The Medium Crop Plot has only a couple of uses, but both crops are great for restoring Water in a pinch.

  • Watermelon (Watermelon Seed)
  • Pineapple (Pineapple Seed)

Large Crop Plot Crops

  • Banana Plant (Banana Seed)
  • Birch Tree (Birch Seed)
  • Mango Tree (Mango Seed)
  • Palm Tree (Palm Seed)

Grass Plot Crops

The Grass Plot doesn't work like the other Crop Plots -- you don't plant anything in it. All you need to do is give it Fresh Water and it will grow Grass that you can use to feed animals.

  • Grass

Can You Farm Mushrooms?

No, you can't farm Mushrooms in Raft.

Can You Farm Red Berries?

No, you can't farm Red Berries in Raft.

That's the end of our Raft Farming Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below, too!

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