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Our Raft Cooking Guide will tell you how Cooking works and also has Cooking recipes, including Grill recipes, Cooking Pot recipes, and Juicer recipes!

Quicklinks: How to Unlock Raft Cooking | How Cooking Works
How to Get Cooking Recipes | List of Cooking Recipes

How to Unlock Raft Cooking

You can first unlock Raft Cooking by Researching a Plank, a piece of Scrap, and a Rope. These three ingredients are used to make the Simple Grill.

How to Unlock the Advanced Grill in Raft

You can unlock the Advanced Grill by Researching a Plank, a Metal Ingot, a Rope, and a Nail.

How to Unlock the Electric Grill in Raft

We don't yet know how to unlock the Electric Grill; presumably, you unlock it by progressing through the story.

How to Unlock the Cooking Pot in Raft

You can unlock the Cooking Pot by Researching a Plank, a bit of Plastic, a Metal Ingot, a Bolt, and a Vine Goo.

How to Unlock the Juicer in Raft

You can unlock the Juicer by Researching a Plank, a Plastic, a Bolt, a Vine Goo, and a Circuit Board.

Raft Cooking Guide - How Cooking Works

How Raft Cooking Works

There are three ways to cook in Raft, each of which requires a different Cooking station:

  • Grilling - Cook a single piece of food into cooked food.
  • Cooking Pot - Combine four ingredients together to make a dish. You'll need a Clay Bowl to get the food out of the Cooking Pot.
  • Juicer - Combine four ingredients to make Juice. You'll need a Drinking Glass to get the Juice out of the Juicer.

In all three cases, Cooking takes some fuel (either Planks or Battery Power) and some time. Don't expect your food to be crafted right away!

Raft Cooking Guide - How to Get Recipes

How to Get Raft Cooking Recipes

You can get Raft Cooking recipes by randomly finding them in Barrels and other kinds of containers.

Recipes don't just inform you about the ingredients -- they also serve as a decoration piece. You can place a Recipe on a wall or on a special surface of some Cooking stations such as the Cooking Pot and Juicer.

Do You Need Recipes to Cook in Raft?

No, you don't actually need the recipes to cook in Raft. Simply place the correct ingredients on the correct Cooking station and you'll get the intended final product, whether you have the recipe or not!

Raft Cooking Guide - List of Recipes

List of Raft Cooking Recipes

Here is a list of all of the Raft Cooking recipes as of Version 1.04 (8987866). 

Quicklinks: Grill Recipes | Cooking Pot Recipes | Juicer Recipes

Raft Cooking Guide - Grill Recipes

Simple Grill Recipes

The Grill can cook 1 "small" food item at a time by using Planks as fuel. It's strongly recommended to get Scrap and Metal and upgrade to an Advanced Grill right away so you can cook things more efficiently. Additionally, some items are too big to be cooked on the starter Grill.

Here's what you can cook on the Grill:

Cooked Beet

  • Raw Beet

Cooked Drumstick

  • Raw Drumstick

Cooked Herring

  • Raw Herring

Cooked Mackerel

  • Raw Mackerel

Cooked Meat

  • Raw Meat

Cooked Pomfret

  • Raw Pomfret

Cooked Potato

  • Raw Potato

Cooked Shark

  • Raw Sharkmeat

Cooked Tilapia

  • Raw Tilapia

Advanced Grill Recipes / Electric Grill Recipes

These recipes are so large that they can only be cooked on the Advanced Grill or on the Electric Grill:

Cooked Catfish

  • Raw Catfish

Cooked Salmon

  • Raw Salmon

Raft Cooking Guide - Cooking Pot Recipes

Cooking Pot Recipes

Here are all of the Raft Cooking Pot recipes. Don't forget: you'll need a Clay Bowl to actually eat any of these, and the Clay Bowl will be destroyed after you consume the food.


  • Raw Meat x1
  • Raw Mackarel x1
  • Raw Drumstick x1
  • Cave Mushroom x1

Catfish Deluxe

  • Raw Potato or Raw Beet x1
  • Raw Catfish x1
  • Cave Mushroom x1
  • Chili x1

Catfish Deluxe gives you a buff that lets you run faster for a few minutes.

Coconut Chicken

  • Raw Drumstick x2
  • Coconut x1
  • Cave Mushroom x1

Head Broth

  • Raw Potato or Raw Beet x1
  • Poison-Puffer Head x2
  • Milk x1

Hearty Stew

  • Potato x1
  • Cave Mushroom x1
  • Raw Meat x1
  • Juniper x1

Hearty Stew gives you a buff that lasts a few minutes with a powerful ability: it will prevent your death one time as long as the buff is active. If you take a hit that would have killed you, the buff will disappear and you'll retain about 20-25% of your health. You can't take a second hit, though, so get moving!


  • Any Cookable Item x4

Leftovers are the result of mixing together ingredients that do not correspond to an in-game recipe. They're not very good.

Mushroom Omelette

  • Potato x1
  • Egg x2
  • Cave Mushroom x1

Salmon Salad

  • Pineapple or Mango x1
  • Raw Salmon x1
  • Silver Algae x1
  • Turmeric x1

Salmon Salad includes a buff that temporarily increases your lung capacity for a few minutes.

Shark Dinner

  • Raw Sharkmeat x2
  • Cave Mushroom x1
  • Silver Algae x1

Simple Fish Stew

  • Raw Potato or Raw Beet x2
  • Raw Herring or Raw Pomfret x2

Steak with Jam

  • Raw Potato or Raw Beet x1
  • Raw Meat x1
  • Red Berries x2


  • Raw Mackerel or Raw Tilapia x2
  • Egg x1
  • Silver Algae x1

Vegetable Soup

  • Raw Potato or Raw Beet x4

Raft Cooking Guide - Juicer Recipes

Juicer Recipes

The Juicer (as the name implies) lets you turn fruit and other items into Juice. Drinking these concoctions requires that you have a Drinking Glass (which is destroyed when you drink the Juice).

Here's what you can make in the Juicer:

Coconut Beat

  • Coconut x3
  • Raw Beet x1


  • Any Juicable Item x4

The result of combining 4 ingredients in the Juicer that do not correspond to a recipe.


  • Mango x1
  • Banana x2
  • Milk x1

Red Melon

  • Red Berries x1
  • Strawberry x1
  • Watermelon x1
  • Coconut x1

Redbeet Shot

  • Raw Beet x2
  • Coconut x1
  • Turmeric x1

Gives you extra HP temporarily.

Silver Smoothie

  • Banana x1
  • Mango x1
  • Milk x1
  • Silver Algae x1

Simple Smoothie

  • Mango x1
  • Pineapple x1
  • Coconut x2

Spicy Pineberry

  • Pineapple x1
  • Strawberry x2
  • Chili x1

Gives you a temporary buff that lets you swim faster for a few minutes.

Strawberry Colada

  • Pineapple x1
  • Strawberry x1
  • Coconut x2

That's the end of our Raft Cooking Guide, but there's still a lot more to learn about the game. Why not read some of our other guides below and buff your knowledge of living out at sea?


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