How to Get Copper in Raft

Last Update: June 22, 2022


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Our guide will tell you how to get Copper in Raft, a critical resource that you need to advance the story and start exploring new islands. If you're looking for Raft Copper, our guide will share what you need to know!

How to Get Copper in Raft

You can get Copper in Raft much in the same way you get Metal -- dive into the shallow waters around an island and look for yellow-ish stones. Copper Ore is typically attached to the side of hills and cliffs, so carefully look around any vertical surfaces for this metal.


Keep in mind, you'll need Sand and Clay, too -- you'll have to build a Smelter to make Copper Ingots if you want to actually make use of your hard-earned Copper.

What is Copper Used for in Raft?

On its own, Copper is used for very few things -- but some of these items are very important for advancing the story in Raft.

Here's what you can make with Copper Ore:

  • Circuit Board
  • Simple Battery

That's it. That's the list (at least for the early game). It doesn't seem like much, but these two components are used in a lot of mid-game equipment. The Simple Battery, for example, is used to power the Receiver -- a key device for discovering more story islands. It's also used to power other electronic devices like the Juicer.

The Circuit Board, however, is much more important. It's used to craft the Receiver and the Antenna; you'll need both of these items to progress the story.

Best Way to Get Copper in Raft


Best Way to Get Copper in Raft

The best way to get Copper in Raft is to dig it up from the underwater cliffs in the shallow waters surrounding an island. Take care to watch out for the Shark!

We're all done with our How to Get Copper in Raft Guide, but there's plenty more to learn -- check out our other Raft guides below!




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