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Are you wondering how to set up Raft modding? We'll tell you how to get started with modding, how to use the mod loader, and where to find the best Raft mods!

How to Set Up Raft Mods

Here's how to set up Raft modding:

  1. Download and install the Raft Mod Loader.
  2. Install the mods of your choice, using one of two options:
    1. With the Raft Mod Loader open, click "Install" on the RaftModding page for the Mod.
    2. Download the Mod manually and put it in your Raft mod folder, typically located at Steam\steamapps\common\Raft\mods
  3. Launch Raft by pressing the play button on the Raft Mod Loader.
    • Note: launching Raft through Steam -- even with the mod loader open -- will not load any mods. You must launch Raft through the Raft Mod Loader if you want mods to work.
  4. The Raft Mod Loader menu will load on top of the title screen. Mods not listing as "Running" must be manually loaded by pushing a button. Load your mods of choice and then press the X at the top-right of the screen to close the Raft Mod Loader menu. (You can reopen the Raft Mod Loader Menu by pressing F9 at any time.)
  5. Load your save file (or start a new one). You now have access to your mod.

That's it! As far as modding goes, it isn't all that difficult to mod Raft. Whether you want to spawn items or add in an AK-47, you have a pretty nice selection of options for making the most of your Raft experience.

Can You Manually Install Raft Mods?

Yes, you can manually install Raft mods. However, the majority of mods will not work without the Raft Mod Loader or a similar program -- Raft has no built-in support for modding.

Raft Modding Guide - Dab
Some mods are better left not installed.

Where to Find Raft Mods

You can typically find Raft mods on two websites:

  1. The RaftModding Mods Directory
  2. Raft Mods on Nexus

Most of the more interesting mods will require the Raft Mod Loader, but not all mods will need it; refer to the page for each individual mod for details on what you need.

That's the end of our Raft Modding Guide, but there's still a lot more to learn about this game in our other guides!

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