How to Get Clay in Raft

Last Update: June 20, 2022


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Do you want to know how to get Clay in Raft? Our guide will tell you what you need to know about finding this key resource for building Bricks (and some other things, too)!

How to Get Clay in Raft

You can get Clay in Raft by traveling to an island, anchoring your Raft, and digging the greyish clumps of Clay that you can find underwater. You'll need to have a Hook (such as the Plastic Hook) in your hand -- once you do, simply hold down left-click while your mouse is over the Clay deposit and you'll gather it. (As always, watch out for the Shark!)

What is Clay Used For in Raft?

First and foremost, Clay is used to make Wet Bricks in combination with Sand. Wet Bricks must be placed on the surface of your Raft; they will gradually dry and turn into Dry Bricks. You can then use these Dry Bricks to make important crafting stations such as the Smelter and Electric Smelter.

Bricks aside, Clay is also used in a handful of other recipes such as the Beehive, Healing Salve, and Good Healing Salve. Most of the time, however, you'll be using Clay to make Dry Bricks -- at least in the early parts of the game.

Best Way to Get Clay in Raft - How to Get Clay in Raft

Best Way to Get Clay in Raft

The best way to get Clay in Raft is to dig it up in the shallow waters surrounding an island. That may seem simple enough, but you'll have to contend with the constant danger of the Shark while you're getting it.

Make sure to make your trips into the water short and always keep your eyes open -- the Shark can be swimming right at you before you know it!

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