How to Kill the Mama Bear in Raft

Last Update: June 26, 2022


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In this guide, we'll tell you how to kill the Mama Bear in Raft and survive your encounter with one of the toughest enemies on Balboa Island.

Where is the Mama Bear in Raft?

You can find the Mama Bear on Balboa Island, the third Story island that you'll visit in Raft.


You won't be able to get to Balboa Island right away, mind. First, you're going to have to learn the basics of the game, build your Raft, and explore a few islands to get your feet wet (so to speak). Then, you'll need to start progressing through the Story and complete both the Radio Tower and Vasagatan before you get the Radio Code that allows you to access the island.

Best Way to Kill the Mama Bear in Raft

Best Way to Kill the Mama Bear in Raft

The best way to kill the Mama Bear in Raft is to put 5 Wild Berries in the blue feeding bin and use your Basic Bow from a distance -- you definitely don't want to fight the Mama Bear in melee.


You'll inevitably encounter regular Bears on Balboa Island and you have a good chance of winning your first fight against one. You may think that the Mama Bear is only a little tougher, but you'd be deathly wrong.

First, you're going to have to find Wild Berries on the island. Our Balboa Island walkthrough will tell you the fastest way to get the 5 Wild Berries you need before confronting her, but there are plenty of spawn locations on the island if you want to find them on your own instead.

Once you have 5 Wild Berries, you'll have to head over to Mama Bear's blue feeding bin near the beach where you landed your Raft. Interact with the blue feeding bin and you'll fill it up with Wild Berries. Mama Bear will immediately run over. Back away, but don't be too worried --she'll leave you alone as long as you keep your distance.


Mama Bear will eat at the feeding bin indefinitely unless you get too close or attack her. Once you do, she'll chase you a short distance away, but she'll eventually return to the feeding bin. If you try to hit her in melee, you'll end up taking a few hits from her. That's bad because Mama Bear can kill you in 3 hits.

The better solution is to hang back and shoot her with your Basic Bow. You can sprint backward and fire at her as she gets closer and you can avoid taking any damage entirely if you stay far enough away. You'll need at least 2 Basic Bows at full health and 100 Stone Arrows to kill her (or around 50 Metal Arrows) -- you'll simply wear an entire Basic Bow down with all the arrows you have to loot.


What Do You Get When You Kill the Mama Bear in Raft?

Killing Mama Bear will grant you the Mother Lode Achievement as well as some Leather, some Raw Meat, and the Mama Bear Head, a helmet that you can also put on a Large Trophy Board.

That's it for our guide on how to kill the Mama Bear in Raft. Check out our other guides below!



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