How to Get Scrap in Raft

Last Update: June 20, 2022


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This guide will tell you how to get Scrap in Raft, a crucial resource for building the most useful tools and machines in this survival crafting game.

How to Get Scrap in Raft

There are two ways to get Scrap in Raft:


  1. Getting it as random loot from Barrels and Crates floating in the ocean.
  2. Digging up pieces of Scrap in the shallow waters surrounding an island.

While you may get a small amount of Scrap from Crates and Barrels in the first few minutes of the game, you'll probably get much more from your first island excursion. Anchor your Raft on the coast, dive in, and dig up a piece of Scrap by equipping the Plastic Hook and holding down left-click. Keep an eye out for the Shark!

What is Scrap Used For in Raft?

Scrap is one of the most versatile (and most important) resources in the early game of Raft. It's used to make many of the first workbenches you'll need such as the Research Table and Smelter along with other useful building pieces like the Storage and the Sail.

Additionally, Scrap is used for some of the second tier of tools. The Scrap Hook, Metal Axe, and Metal Fishing Rod all require Scrap as a component.


Finally, Scrap is used to make Nails. Nails are a critical component for building a second floor for your Raft. Simply put, Scrap is something you'll never want to pass up if you come across it!

Best Way to Get Scrap in Raft - How to Get Scrap in Raft

Best Way to Get Scrap in Raft

The best way to get Scrap in Raft is by digging it up in the shallow waters surrounding islands. Make sure not to stay underwater for too long or the Shark will come after you!


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