How to Get Seaweed and Vine Goo in Raft

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How to Get Seaweed and Vine Goo in Raft - cover

In this guide, we'll tell you how to get Seaweed and Vine Goo in Raft. These two resources will help give you access to new islands, let you craft a bow, and more!

How to Get Seaweed in Raft

You can get Seaweed in Raft by exploring the reefs around islands. Seaweed is the tall vines shown in our header image; it's pretty hard to miss. You don't need any special tools to get it, either -- simply walk up to a glowing leaf and pick it up.

While it's easy to get Seaweed, it isn't used for very much on its own; you'll need a Smelter to make it into the much more useful item Vine Goo, and that means you should be farming Sand and Clay to make Dry Bricks while you're down there, too.

Best Way to Get Seaweed in Raft

Raft Seaweed Uses

On its own, Seaweed is only used to craft Flippers, a piece of clothing that lets you move faster in the water. However, it can be smelted to make Vine Goo, a highly versatile substance for mid-game equipment.

How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

You can get Vine Goo in Raft by placing Seaweed into a Smelter. Once it has finished smelting, you can pick up the Vine Goo and put something else in the Smelter. You can also find Vine Goo in Chests and other containers, most often on islands.

How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

Raft Vine Goo Uses

Vine Goo is one of the most important components for advancing to the mid-game of Raft. To start, Vine Goo is used to make Circuit Boards (along with Copper), an item that you need to advance the story.

Here's what you can make with Vine Goo:

  • Basic Bow
  • Circuit Board
  • Cooking Pot
  • Empty Bottle
  • Flippers
  • Oxygen Bottle
  • Sweep Net

The Basic Bow is a necessity if you want to kill birds, whether it's Seagulls or the massive Screecher. The Empty Bottle is also quite useful -- not only is it more convenient for storing water, it's damn near a necessity if you want to get into Farming.

Now that you've learned how to get Seaweed and Vine Goo in Raft, why not expand your knowledge further with some of our other guides?

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