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Winter Village on the Island of Temperance In Raft

Our next stop in the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is Temperance, an icy island with some puzzles to complete and a reactor to fix! Read on for our Raft Temperance Walkthrough, which will help you navigate the puzzles of this icy island to continue on to Utopia!

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Preparing for Temperance

Temperance has some dangerous enemies, including Polar Bears, that you'll encounter!

Here's what I recommend you bring with you:

  • Basic Bow + 60 Metal (or Titanium) Arrows
  • Machete x2
  • Food
  • Water
  • Backpack

Temperance should take you 1-2 days to explore, and you're going to want to grab and use one of the many Snowmobiles littered across the island.

Approaching Temperance

As you approach Temperance, you'll notice that the weather has changed and there's snow and ice around. While you're not wearing shoes (seriously) - there's nothing you need to worry about with this weather. Park your raft near a slab of ice, and start exploring - if you see a rounded shed, you'll find a snowmobile there!

You're going to see a few things at first:

  • Towers - You'll need to remove electrical cables from these.
  • Small Village - You'll need 10 electrical cables to unlock every possible structure.
  • Observatory - Inside is a puzzle, completing it grants you the Selene Key.
  • Two Bunkers - You'll find two bunkers centrally on the island. Until you fix the reactor, they're both full of toxic gas.
  • Selene Research Facility - This is the final leg of Temperance, and those two green lights you see are the smokestacks above it.
The Village on Temperance

Reactivating The Temperance Village Power

On the island of Temperance, there's a village of domed structures, with a central large dome that need to be powered up to get inside. You're going to need 10 electrical cables, which you can get by going to each radio tower and interacting with the box at the bottom. Be careful though, many are guarded by polar bears! We recommend grabbing a snowmobile for this part, if you didn't already.

Once you've got the cables, starting at the power outlet at the bottom side of the village - go counter-clockwise connecting them using both the power handful of power poles and the outlets outside of the domes. Once you've done them all - the central building will be open to explore.

Upstairs, you'll find the blueprint for the Advanced Biofuel Refiner, and a blowtorch you'll need a little bit later on! Next up, you'll need to head to the observatory.

The Observatory on Temperance Island

Completing the Temperance Observatory Puzzle and getting the Selene Key

To get to the Observatory, head out of the village and along the left side and you'll see it to the left. Or, if you're at the Selene Research Facility, head to the right facing away from it. Cross the fence and head towards it - and you'll find that the ground is unstable. Oops!

Make your way through the icy water, taking out a few anglerfish along the way until you come to the ladder that brings you up into the observatory. Make your way upwards, picking up everything in sight and making sure you open the locked front door. Now it's puzzle time.

The Observatory Puzzle

There's not a lot of hints here, but the solution is more simple than you'd expect. On the top floor you'll find a safe with a note next to it, solving this puzzle will unlock the safe and give you the Selene Key to get into the reactor. There's a panel in the middle of the room to look at the stars, and on the walls are some posters of constellations.

Temperance Puzzle Entry Page 36 Raft

If you open your journal, once you've collected the note - page 36 will have a few symbols. On the walls of the Observatory, you'll also see posters and numbers on them. If you look closely - the number on the poster is the same number as the stars in the constellation.

To get the safe unlocked you need to find the numerical value of each constellation found in your journal. Use the panel in the middle of the room to find each one, count the stars that make it up and after you've found all 4 - you've got the safe combination! With the Selene Key and Blowtorch in hand - lets head to the Selene Research Facility.

The Selene Research Facility and the Code to Utopia

Head towards those nice glowing lights in the sky, and let's head into the Selene Research Facility. To the left of the door, you'll use the blowtorch to knock off the ice, and then you'll be able to use the key to get inside the facility. Upon entering the facility, you'll find that the reactor is offline because the cooling rods are missing. Kinda important, right?

Raft Screen Saying to insert Cooling Rods

The research facility is flooded with radiation, and you won't survive unprotected. The only door open to start goes to Laboratory 2 - snag a Radiation Suit to the right of the door before you head down, and keep in mind the durability ticks down whether you're in radiation or not! Make sure you head back up regularly to re-suit.

Temperance Laboratory 2 Puzzle

Laboratory 2 has 2 consoles with number pads on them. You'll need 2 digits for each, and to figure out the numbers, look at the two letter sign to the left of the screen. Each one corresponds with something on the Periodic Table of Elements, and the Atomic weight of each Element. You can google them, or just check the posters on the walls for Elements on the Periodic Table!

Enter the Atomic Weight on each console within 30 seconds, and the large door opposite of where you entered will open. Head straight through to enter a new area with no radiation, make sure you loot along the way for the First Control Rod.

Head forward from here, and you'll see a door on your left next to more radiation suits. Eat and drink real quick before you re-suit, and head into the room and down the ladder. You'll find another radiated area, with a wheel you can turn inside. Once you start turning the wheel, enemies will spawn. You cannot hit these enemies with arrows, so be ready with your melee weapon.

Weird Bug In The Radiation Raft Temperance

You're going to have to hold this wheel down until the door fully opens, and after a few bugs spawn they'll stop coming so you can hold it until the door finishes opening. Head through and up the ladder to a non-irradiated are with the second Control Rod.

Temperance Lasers In The Laboratory

Next up is a door with a control panel you can't use. Look to the right and you'll see a laser with some mirrors - turn on the laser and manipulate the angle of the mirror to bounce it off the other mirrors until it hits the control panel. Laser + Control Panel = Open Door! Head through and up the stairs - suit up again before heading into Laboratory 1 for some more mirrors and lasers.

The trickiest bit of the laser puzzle in Laboratory 1 is the first two rotateable triangle mirrors. With multiple blockers, you have to hit most of the mirrors in the room.

Setup the first and second mirrors close to this to bounce the laser off the mirrors next to the second moveable mirror:

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 1 and Mirror 2

Setup the third close to this:

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 3 Temperance

Setup the final to bounce off the mirror next to it and onto the control panel to the right of the door.

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 4 Temperance

With the door control fried, and the door open - head on through and grab the Third Control Rod on a box in the next room. Head up the stairs to return to the main Control Room. Drop all 3 Control Rods into their slots, and slap the level on the console. Unfortunately it's not that easy - unlike Mr. Spock in Wrath of Khan, you're going to need to do this manually.

Slap on a new Radiation Suit and head through the door that says "Reactor" above it. You're going to have to spin the wheels on all 3 cooling rods until they drop into place, while fighting off more of these radiation bugs. They only take two hits with the hatchet, but they'll keep spawning as you get the control rods in place. Focus on the control rods as best as possible - once they're all in, the bugs will stop spawning.

With all of the Control Rods in place, the radiation will clear out and you can head through the large door that just opened. Head into the new chamber, and grab the Electric Smelter Blueprint next to the Code to Utopia. In one of the Cryo Pods, you can release Shogo to get another new unlockable character too!

Note: You can head back to your ship now, or if you'd like some extra loot - head back towards the village and enter the two bunkers that are no longer irradiated to get a lot of stuff!

With Temperance out of the way, now we're onto the final Island of the game - Utopia!

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