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So, the end of the year is almost upon us, and people are clamoring for gifts all around. As computer people, it’s always an exciting time to see what stuff goes on sale. With this list, we can see the Best Graphics Cards for everyone’s budget, even before after Christmas sales. Just like the last list, we’ll go through the varying price brackets and look at who gives the best bang for your buck. The links are Amazon.com, but the prices come from PCPartPicker in regards to lowest cost per card, but let me know what country you’re in and I’ll definitely help you. Let’s get started.


<$100 – GTX 750

The GTX 750 wins this slot, but there’s a very good reason for it. While the R7 260X is more powerful by a slight margin, it actually could cost people a lot more. Most GTX 750s don’t need auxiliary power, so this keeps you from having to buy larger power supply, keeping the cost of the GTX 750 relatively lower. As long as you keep the graphics settings for your games in a good range, this card will do the trick for around $80.


$100-140 – R9 270 (!)

Why’s that exclamation mark there? Because you can get arguably the best budget graphics card for under $140. Sure, you may need to use a rebate, but those aren’t hard to do. This is actually crazy, especially since a year ago you couldn’t get one of these cards for less than $220. Prices have dropped a ton, making PC gaming even more affordable. And this card is a beast at this price point. (pic says R9 270X, link is for R9 270. Same cooler, though.)

R9 280

$140-180 – R9 280

Like the R9 270, the 280 needs a mail-in rebate to get the best price. This card is insanity, though. You will be able to run almost anything at ultra at 1080p with really good FPS, and you get a wide selection of different coolers to keep everything quiet and cool. This is the new budget powerhouse, and should definitely be considered by everyone.

R9 285

$180-260 – R9 285

While I wanted to put the GTX 770 here, the R9 285 proved superior. Similar performance, better power efficiency, and lower cost made this card come out on top. While the GTX 770 has more VRAM, the R9 285 can better utilize the VRAM, meaning it needs less VRAM to game at similar settings. Really good card, and can be found for around $220.

R9 290x

$260-340 – R9 290X

AMD has been dominating this list, and the enthusiast bracket is no exception. The R9 290x has been beaten out sometimes by the GTX 970, but the 970 is 1) hard to find and 2) insanely expensive when you do. The R9 290X is abundant, and while the money you save may have to go into a beefier power supply, those of you who can handle this beast will enjoy the price to performance it has.

GTX 970

>$500 – GTX 980 OR 2x GTX 970

Just like last list, if you have $500 or more to spend, consider buying a GTX 980. Best single card performance right now, even if it comes at a premium. But, there is something else you should consider. Two GTX 970s in SLI. Even though they are insanely hard to find, if you have around $650 to spend, this is actually a completely viable option. Two 970s beat everything, except MAYBE the R9 295X2, but even then it beats it in price and power consumption. If your board supports SLI, this combo is recommended if you can afford it.

So, there we have it, the best GPUs for your money in every price bracket worth mentioning. The prices may even get lower after Christmas, but I always recommend buying when you have the money for what you want. You never know who might snatch your card before you can. What do you think? Think there should be more of Team Green on the list? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Gaming!

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