This Week in Kickstarter – Giant Robot Duel

This Week in Kickstarter – Giant Robot Duel

Published: August 24, 2015 11:00 AM /


USA Robot

Welcome to This Week in Kickstarter, where men build giant robots, women set trends with Bluetooth wrist bands, and interplanetary invasions are done by a single guy with a pistol.


Megabots, Inc.

Help create the giant combat robot America deserves.

MegaBots, Inc. challenged Japan to a giant robot duel, and they accepted! But demanded that hand to hand combat be included in the fight. MegaBots created a hulking mech-monstrosity, but now they need funds to upgrade the robot, the Mk.II, into the patriotic brawler America deserves.

As of now, the Mk.II tops out at 2.5mph and is only built for long range paintball combat. MegaBots will need various improvements in order to represent USA in the fight against Japan. These include:

Heavy duty armor plating


Adding serious firepower 

Upgrading the hydraulics to handle heavy armor and firepower 

Increasing the top speed 


Upgrade our power unit to keep up with our new hydraulic system and speed 

Holy crap can we take a moment to realize this is really happening?! We're having a god damn giant robot fight! This Kickstarter has practically everything I could ever need to make me donate (if I did donate to Kickstarter projects). Giant robots, firepower, battles, patriotism. If only for the amazing spectacle alone this Kickstarter is worth donating, but add to it the people they've got backing them up, and it's easy to see your money is going to a reliable place.


Eco - Global Survival Game

Collaborate to build civilization in a simulated ecosystem, creating laws to make group decisions.

In Eco, you must collaborate to build civilization in a finite shared world, while using resources from a fully simulated ecosystem. Every action the player takes affects the countless species that live in this world.

Citizens may collaborate successfully and create laws to guide the group, or destroy themselves in short sighted gain. Players can move too quick or too slow, but must always be making choices that can affect the world around them.

This game looks very exciting. It's a little Minecraft, a little Civilization. But that description doesn't do it justice. The ability to see the world from up above the clouds and down on the ground floor collecting the resources really paints a unique picture that makes this game stand out to me. Proposing laws based on data, watching the whole world change based on your actions, and preparing for scenarios like a meteor smashing into Earth all come together to create a game with a very real ecosystem that's come alive.


go-e ONwheel converts your bike into an e-bike in seconds

Make an e-bike out of your bike within seconds!

The ONwheel by go-e changes your bike into an e-bike within seconds. What is an e-bike? An e-bike is a bike that can run on electric power as well as by pedaling. The ONwheel is light, powerful, an can be plugged into your regular bike.


Users can just plug the motor in and be ready to go without any cables. Through the smart app, you users can control settings, cycle maps, and see statistics about their trips. It's water resistant and works under any weather condition. 

I think this is an excellent little invention. Turning my bike into an e-bike, all without needing to hassle about installation rocks. Add to that the cheap price, weather resistance, and being environmentally friendly, and the ONwheel sounds like a must by for cycling enthusiasts. 




Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

Never has so much depended on so little.

Worker placement, resource management, and area control, all inside a mint tin can. Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is a microgame that can be played almost anywhere. Whether you're at lunch, hanging out in the kitchen, or even in a tent. This game is small enough that packing it with you is a no brainer.

 In the game, you try to get two or more people into a shelter, then grab some supplies, and finally get at least four meeples from the same team to pull the shelter door closed before the monsters gets you. 

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is such a fun looking little game, and with such a great packaging design, you can't help but love it. The simple set up (both physical set up and the set up of the game) create a light, fun atmosphere that can be spur of the moment. This Kickstarter proves big fun can come in small packages.


HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

The first wearable with headphones on your wrist.

The Helix aims to bridge the gap between fashion and function. Instead of storing your expensive Bluetooth headphones in your backpack, why not not hide them in your stylish wrist band? The Helix is designed to be worn loud and proud, while still providing utility.

The team behind Helix plans to achieve this balance of aesthetics and utility by providing a range of features for both. It has a sleek design, is fashion forward, with on the go access. It's also versatile and comfortable. But with that it brings Bluetooth 4.1 and noise reduction. Listen to music on the go and take calls with the mic. It also has ..."audio enhancements?"

This product aims to be the best of both worlds, but isn't that great at either of them. The design is nice, I guess—it's kind of boring really. It looks like every Fitbit knock off on the market and has no real personality. Meanwhile the Bluetooth headphones are tethered to the main hub which is hanging at the mercy of the earbuds grip inside your ears. Even if those earbuds have a good grip it looks like that middle section would bounce repeatedly against your neck when you walk. The whole point of these headphones is to be out of the way. I really can't recommend this product to someone when there are significantly cheaper, good quality Bluetooth earbuds out there. And with the money you save you can buy something actually fashionable.

Rogue Invader

An isometric, rogue-like side-scroller rendered in 1-bit graphics.

Rogue Invader sets you as the lone invader attacking the alien horde. The game is a rougelike shooter that flips genres frequently. It features smooth gameplay and is made to resemble isometric shooter games of old, all in HD 1 bit graphics. It releases on PC / Mac / Linux in late Fall 2015.

This Kickstarter isn't to make the game, but instead to give it a soundtrack it deserves. Every pixel in the game is either black or white and is at a 720p resolution. Every choice you make matters, and taking risks can lead to success or death. Players have a vast array of weapon modifications at their fingertips, and 8 different gun types.

After listening to their chosen composer, I can see they made the right choice. Caleb Blood is a talented composer and his songs are appropriately epic. The game itself seems like a fun throw back to old school games, but with some modern conventions like customizability and of course HD resolution. I don't think these types of games are really for me, but someone who grew up playing these games is sure to have a blast playing a game in the style of the good ole days.

Disclaimer: The author (Bryan Heraghty) does not back any Kickstarter projects he writes about, nor are any of these inclusions sponsoring TechRaptor. These projects are included solely because the author thinks they are interesting.

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