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Kindra Pring

Staff Writer

Teacher's aid by day. Gamer by night. And by day, because I play my DS on my lunch break. Ask me about how bad my aim is.

Articles by Kindra Pring

Outlast 2_20170423180757
Outlast 2 Review - I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick...

Outlast set a new bar for indie and mainstream horror when it came out in 2013.

japanese child eats zelda
TR Originals
KekRaptor: Japanese Child Who Devoured Switch Cartridge More Powerful Than We Could Ever Imagine

Gamers worldwide flocked to the new Nintendo Switch, which hit stores this past week, but one Japanese elementary school student has uncovered an unusual issue with the system cartridges.

hello neighbor cover
Hello Neighbor Preview - Howdily Doodily Neighborino

This month my editors asked me to play a game about stalking an innocent man by breaking into a home he has clearly dedicated much love and care into renovating after my coworker Perry Ruhland test

retropie cover
[UPDATED] RetroPie Victim of Trademark Fraud in the US

March 5th Update: responded to us, saying they are in the process of transferring the trademark to RetroPie.

hearthstone tournament
Hearthstone Championship Riddled With Technical and Organizational Issues

With eSports still in its infancy, it's common for tournaments big and small to face significant issues especially in regards to organization.

CD Projekt Red Announces Gwent Beta Transition Plan

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has been in Closed Beta since last year, and fans who got their codes have been enjoying testing out the mini-game turned competitive collectible card game in

amazon echo court case
Investigators Seek Amazon Echo Recordings Vital to Murder Case

Police in Arkansas are looking for answers in the murder of a young man in Bentonville and are now turning to defendant James Bates' Amazon Echo for information.

Ark Survival 1080p Header
Ark: Survival Evolved Promises Sheep If Victorious in Steam Awards
Sheep and DinosaursLiving Together