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Roccat Kova

Gaming peripheral veteran, Roccat, released an update to their ever popular Kova[+] mouse which was originally released back in 2010. Available in either black or white, the updated Kova (simply titled "Kova") will hit the shelves next month come November 17th. 

Roccat Kova in black.

Looks are subjective and this mouse is no exception. It's not as overly dramatic as some gaming mice like the R.A.T series by Madcatz, but it definitely shouts gamer. Depending on your personal preference, this may or may not be an issue. According to Roccat's marketing blurb, the latest Kova was designed with the lines of a high end sports car in mind--we can see that.

All the usual goodies of a modern gaming are here such as RGB lighting to custom match your peripherals, above average DPI and many user configurable buttons to give an advantage on the battlefield. Southpaws are not left in the dark as the Kova is ambidextrous to suit any gamer no matter which is their dominate hand.

What makes a gaming mouse a gaming mouse is functionality and this little squeaker from Roccat has some unique tech under it's plastic shell that separates it from the competition. By default, there is no shortage of buttons with 12 total including the 2D Titan wheel. Just in case 12 buttons aren't enough to tickle your fancy, Roccat has their technology called Easy-Shift[+]. What Easy-Shift[+] does is allow you to assign two functions per button via a function button giving you up to 22 total user-defined controls. Not too shabby for a mouse that doesn't have a side keypad like a purposely built MMO mouse would have. 

Roccat Kova in white.

Beyond Easy-Shift[+], Roccat also has it's driver system called Swarm. Swarm is Roccat's configuration software and what ties all of the family of comparable peripherals together.


ROCCAT software is renowned for providing an unprecedented level of product customization. With Swarm and the legendary new ROCCAT Nyth, that’s just reached a new level. A one-stop-shop for all future ROCCAT peripherals, Swarm facilitates quick and easy control with its modular build and cloud-based system. Its modularity ensures full flexibility, with the ability to create a favorites tab, with only devices settings and configuration options relevant to you shown. Completely scalable both in terms of visuals and functionality, Swarm establishes a new standard in connectivity. Enjoy support for all current and future screen resolutions, share unique macros and settings with friends, keep all your devices up to date automatically, and much, much more to come.

Integration with all your peripherals is becoming more of a growing trend.

Fancy software and cool lighting is expected, let's get to the nitty gritty of what this latest Kova has to offer! We've mentioned above average DPI, but gamers are particular about their sensors. This Kova uses the Pro-Optic Sensor R6, which you could probably have guessed is an optical sensor. Native DPI is 3500 with an overdrive ability that takes it all the way up to 7000 if you so desire. 

Other details not touched on includes a 72MHz turbo core V2 32-bit arm MCU +  512kB of onboard memory to store your macros, Talk FX + AlienFX illumination to add special lighting effects for your favorite games, 1000Hz polling rate, 20G acceleration, 1ms response time, 12-bit data channel and the cable--it's 1.8m and braided.

Only thing left to discuss is what can make or break a purchasing decision and that's the price tag. The only thing we know is that the latest Roccat Kova will retail for 60 Euros without a definite price for other markets. 60 Euros is roughly 68 USD, but there is no guarantee the American release will be a direct conversion. TechRaptor will keep you posted once this new mouse is out!

What are your thoughts on this latest mouse from Roccat and does it appeal to you as a gamer?

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