This Week in Kickstarter – TOTALLY LEGAL

This Week in Kickstarter – TOTALLY LEGAL

Published: August 31, 2015 11:00 AM /


Divinity- Original Sin 2

This Week in Kickstarter we've got a sequel to a smash hit, a new way to interact with the digital world, and a Gameboy inspired Raspberry Pi emulator. 


Divinity: Original Sin 2

The sequel to the hit Kickstarter.

What can be said at this point? The title delivers more to you than I could in words! Divinity: Original Sin wow'd audiences with it's old school RPG style but with a modern sensibility. Now Larian Studios is back to deliver another RPG with Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be a game about your origins, how they affect you, and what chances you get in life. The game features the familiar turn-based combat of its predecessor. Cooperative/competitive multiplayer, pen and paper RPG levels of freedom, and a strong focus on systemic gameplay and a well-grounded narrative are all included in the game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a glowing example of what Kickstarter should be: Well laid out, quality projects with a focus on the community's involvement. The five minute trailer shows the game and all you can do in it, and brings a promising outlook to the hours and hours fans will be pouring into it. For more information on Divinity: Original Sin 2, TechRaptor wrote on the game's quick funding and gameplay. TechRaptor also reviewed Divinity: Original Sin, calling it "The RPGiest RPG."


Interact with the digital world like never before.

The Sensel Morph brings a new mode of interaction with your tech. It features a multi-touch pad with a patented Pressure Grid technology, bringing a greater level of depth, complexity, and even variety to your traditional means of input.


Whereas the keyboard and mouse have a set in stone function, the Sensel Morph features swappable overlays that can be placed on the device, completely changing how you use it. Making music? Throw on a keyboard. Typing something up? There's a QWERTY keyboard for it too. The overlays have magnets making them easy to add on, and the device auto-detects which overlay you're using. It connects with just a USB and can even connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

The Sensel Morph is just plain awesome! A real innovation in device input. It doesn't crate any one new "thing," instead it does what the smartphone did to portable devices: takes a plethora of functions and makes it your one stop shop. Its complexity and nuance in writing, its easy swap faceplates, and its intuitive design had me hooked when I saw it.


Re' of Light – Rare Elements – RPG Adventure

A d20 adventure where moral choices affect the world around you.

 Ré of Light is set in a world plagued by an ancient magical corruption. Players are offered moral choices that can affect the very fabric of the world around them. Players can expect a classic d20 style game with a choice systems that affects lives and brings consequences.

Ré of Light is set in a world governed by the six elements and populated by six core races. The adventure utilizes the existing Rare Elements coins as both currency and facets of magic. The game is designed for both RPG veterans and novice players looking to get into the genre.

The game looks decently fun, but something just doesn't sit right with the coin system for me. The whole project feels like a push to get you to buy their coins ($20+ each.) The mechanics seem solid and the universe looks interesting, but this all feels like a physical version of a free-to-play game, where I need to make additional purchases to get the "real" game.



Tabletopia – The digital platform for board games

Where Board Games Go Digital.

Tabletopia is the most advanced virtual table for gaming on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It features a massive database for matching players, public/private game tables, player ratings, and a reputation system. It also brings "The Workshop," a special editor that lets users create their own board games from scratch or even port over standard graphics.

Tabletopia also features tools for publishers and authors to play test their games. They can demonstrate their set ups, promote their creations, and even lets them monetize their games. There's automatic game set ups, card dealing, and drafting. Players can play with friends or find opponents online.

I love the concept of Tabletopia and its undying attitude to preserve the atmosphere of a tabletop game. As a University student, with summer coming to a close, a lot of my friends are going back to their own schools and the chances to play for a hefty tabletop RPG sadly are next to zero. But with a service like this it could be possible for us all to meet up online and get a campaign going. The plethora of options, and even the chance to make real money, are definitely eye catching.

Parallax: Warbands

A miniatures skirmish game with RPG-style customizability.

Parallax: Warbands is a fast-paced skirmish game set in a high fantasy world. Players will build a Warband of 4-8 highly customizable adventurers to complete missions. Players can make their Warbands as diverse or focused as they wish. Opting for a a party with one member of every faction, or one where all members are from one faction, is possible.

How your Warband comes together, how they proceed, what decisions you make are all up to you. Players have access to six factions, five playable races, over 100 skills and abilities, and even two different ways to play. There are 44 different contracts to choose and a streamlined d10 system. Characters can be injured impacting battle progress as well.

These miniatures alone make me want the game; they look positively bad ass. Hadjen 1 really grabs my attention. I'm a sucker for customizing my character via factions with flashy symbols and distinct races, and this game certainly covers that. The set up for the game is unique, and the pick and choose approach is always welcome. I'm also a fan of the streamlined d10 approach. Overall I'd say Parallax: Warbands is a really interesting looking game and one I'd love to have the opportunity to play.


A handheld, Raspberry Pi powered, retro gaming console.

The GameKid is a nostalgia fueled, Raspberry Pi powered, portable gaming console. The device is configured for RetroPie to 100% LEGALLY emulate your favorite consoles and Pi games. It features a D-Pad, 4 front buttons, a start/select/option button, and even two "trigger" buttons. 

It also packs  built in stereo speakers and a headphone jack. The GameKid has a 5 hour battery life and is rechargeable vis micro USB. It even has HDMI out so you can connect to your TV and plug in a controller through the USB port, and now you're playing SNES games on the TV. You can even use it as a Raspberry Pi mini computer and plug in a mouse and keyboard.

The GameKid's utility certainly speaks for itself. HDMI out and even a freaking computer is awesome. Not too mention the TOTALLY LEGALLY OBTAINED games you can play on the go. Honestly if you're going to watch the trailer, I'd just skip to :48 as that's the real selling point of this thing. Playing DOOM, Cave Story, and other classics on this thing in between classes or during down time at work really makes it an enticing offer.

Disclaimer: The author (Bryan Heraghty) does not back any Kickstarter projects he writes about, nor are any of these inclusions sponsoring TechRaptor. These projects are included solely because the author thinks they are interesting.

What are your thoughts on some of the Kickstarters we saw this week? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! If you have a game or technology Kickstarter you think deserves attention, you can either comment below, email TechRaptor, or tweet @techraptr or @greyhoodedbryan your suggestion!

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