Kinivo BTH260 Review

Kinivo BTH260 Review

Published: October 22, 2016 12:00 PM /



With the ever-changing landscape of technology and ease of use that Bluetooth allows for when it comes to connecting devices for listening to music or making calls, there’s no shortage of headphones that you can get your hands on these days. With a long battery life, decent audio quality, and full Bluetooth features, the Kinivo BTH260 (V2) Headphones are a pair that should be considered while you’re looking. Opening up the package, the headphones are pretty sleek looking and have a clean design with all of the controls on the right, including the Micro USB charging port. There’s even a carrying case for the times that you may not be wearing the headphones so that they can stay safe, and you can keep the charging cable with you as well. If you’re like me, you’re always on the go, switching the device you’re listening to regularly. The Kinivo BTH260s are great at this, and disconnect/connect from your Mac, phone, or other Bluetooth connected devices quickly. Combining this with the fact that I only had to charge the device every few days, despite using the headphones for music almost nonstop, the reliability of the BTH260’s is solid for someone who isn’t always on the same device. bth260-case For audio and calls, these headphones worked perfectly on cell; whether you’re in a loud server room, quiet room, or a moving car, people will be able to hear you clearly thanks to the noise cancellation that’s built in. With that said, the one issue I did run into with these headphones was that I couldn’t talk for calls using VOIP programs on Bluetooth enabled desktop applications, although they worked perfectly fine if I just wanted to hear the person on the other line. The audio for the BTH260s is pretty good, although they struggle when it comes to songs with high bass or loud explosions in movies or TV shows. For general music listening, they do a great job of getting you through a long workday, run, or car ride thanks to their extensive battery life. In noisy areas, they also do a great job of blocking out the background noise, although it’s not a truly complete noise-cancelling experience. Sitting in a loud server room, I could hear my music (video game soundtracks or the latest in EDM) perfectly clear, and on my lunch breaks I had no issues catching up on shows. Definitely a good buy for Bluetooth audio. With a 20+ hour battery life, which I can confirm is accurate due to not charging mine for days at a time despite frequent use, comfort is pretty important. This is one area where the BTH260s fall short due to the hard plastic that connects the two earpieces together around the ear. Essentially, that hard plastic presses down on the back of your ear over time due to the weight, causing some discomfort to that area, which can be quickly alleviated by taking them off. For someone who may wear these for short periods of time, the comfort level is good and these headphones won’t bother you, but if you intend on wearing them for longer, you should be aware of the discomfort that will come from prolonged use. The Kinivo BTH260s are a solid set of Bluetooth Headphones, boasting an impressive battery life and audio quality alongside a clean design. The ability to make and receive calls in both quiet and loud areas is a great selling feature, but they fall short when it comes to comfort during prolonged (2+ hour) wear. If you’re in the market for non-earbud headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, these are definitely worth some consideration depending on your budget. They're available for purchase on Amazon or Kinivo's site. The Kinivo BTH260's (V2) were reviewed with a product sample provided by Kinivo.

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The Kinivo BTH260’s are a solid set of Bluetooth Headphones that have a few slight drawbacks depending on the user but otherwise boast an impressive battery life and audio quality alongside a clean design.

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  • Incredible Battery Life
  • Easily Switch Between Different Devices


  • Discomfort from prolonged use
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