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About Will Quick

Will is a Freelance Writer at TechRaptor and recently got into the world of video game journalism in 2020. Since then, he's been spending his spare time learning, researching upcoming titles, and interviewing indie developers. 

He's always had a fondness for games and went to Dublin to study Game Design at Pulse College. Though he got to work in every part of production and business, Will focused mainly on design, writing, art, and animation. Since then, he has continued to pursue gaming casually and professionally.

Aside from gaming for fun and work, he practices video editing and graphic design while also trying to do one comic or doodle per day. He tries to use his writing to highlight games that may not have as much marketing as they'd like. 

Will is a curious guy who's always open to trying new things, whether they scare him or not, and that includes sweaty-palm-inducing horror games. He's always happy to take on new writing tasks and formats especially if it means working with other creative folks. When he's not sitting at his desk, Will can be found exploring outside or trying to learn new recipes. If he's gaming, make sure he takes a break after his 20th defeat

Favorite games:

  • Wuppo
  • Animal Crossing
  • Enter The Gungeon

Favorite genres:

  • Platformers
  • Various Sims
  • Roguelikes & Roguelites