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As a Soulslike game, Thymesia is very unforgiving. Each stage has less than a handful of checkpoints and all it takes is one misstep to be crushed and sent back to the last one. Though the hero Corvus has a wide range of skills, he's still very vulnerable and most enemies can eliminate him with a combo. There are ways you can improve Corvus's attack strength and resilience, but it's still easy to get overwhelmed. As such, it makes sense to consider focusing on his ranged skills instead. With the right Talents, Corvus can become a very effective attacker from a distance, read on for how to build an effective Thymesia Ranged Build.

Corvus aiming down the Bow Plague Weapon at the camera, which showcases a deep greenish glow, while standing within one of the dungeons

Farm & Upgrade Thymesia Ranged Plague Weapons

Corvus will always have his trusty saber and deflecting dagger, but his versatility comes mainly from his Plague Weapons. Though he can Reave temporary weapons using his Claw, it's best to unlock a permanent Plague Weapon slot as soon as possible. Once you do, focus on slaying enemies that use Ranged weapons and collecting the Plague Shards. The following are the weapons with the greatest reach.

  • Bow: Has the greatest range and can be upgraded to shoot more arrows.
    • Get shards from Archers in the Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress.
  • Halberd: A versatile weapon that keeps enemies at a distance but can be used to attack groups effectively.
    • Get shards from spearmen throughout the game.
  • Flying Dagger: Excellent for disengaging and counter attacking with multiple projectiles.
    • Get shards from the acrobats in the Sea of Trees.
  • Scythe: Cover a wide area with a horizontal slash.
    • Get shards from the farmer enemies in the Royal Gardens.
  • Whip: A ranged attack that can knock enemies back and let you engage them quickly.
    • Get shards from the blood golems in the Royal Gardens.
  • Javelin Sword: Step back and hit the enemy with ranged attack or leap through the air with an AoE strike.
    • Get shards from the Royal Heir Urd.
  • Mutated Tentacle: A ranged piercing attack that can hit multiple times.
    • Get shards from the boss Mutated Odur.

How To Make A Thymesia Ranged Build - The Basics

Main character, Corvus, Standing below the vile Cysts in the Sea of Fools dungeon map.

The more you progress through the game, the more Memory Shards and Talent Points you'll gather. To make a good Ranged Build, you'll need to put your points into certain stats and Talents revolving around Dodge, Feather, some Strategies, and some Talon.

Prioritize Energy Talents

On the HUD, Corvus has two bars: A red health bar and a blue energy bar. While Corvus may have infinite stamina when it comes to attacking and dodging, Energy is needed for using Plague Weapons. Since the build is made to stay away from combat, focus on leveling up your Plague stat in order to give yourself a greater pool of energy. You can also invest points in some Talents like Energized Deflect to recover Energy in the field or craft potions with green ingredients to recover Energy when consumed. Check out our Talents guide for more recommended talents too!

A cross-slash of Plague Energy being used by main character of Thymesia, Corvus, as he slashes through boxes that stand before him.

Upgrade Your Feathers As Soon As Possible

As part of the Corvus arsenal, you get access to Feather projectiles. These are mainly used to interrupt Critical Hits and deal small amounts of Plague damage. However, the sooner you upgrade them, the better they are for a ranged build. You can upgrade Corvus to carry a total of 7 up from 3 and to recover a Feather every 5 seconds, down from 10. Of course, you should also upgrade them to do more damage.

Get The Long Dodge Talent

You can get Corvus a Talent that allows him to block, reduce damage and stagger, but the goal is to avoid getting hit. Though he has a dodge that is pretty quick, it's also preet ineffective when it comes to fast enemies or groups that try to surround you. When you can, invest in the Long Dodge Talent so you can quickly get away. When fully upgraded, you'll get a defensive buff whenever you successfully avoid an attack.

Get The Perfectionist Talent

Using the Plague Scythe plague weapon against an unaware enemy standing in front of the main character, Corvus in Thymesia

There are many ways to boost your power while fighting and you can gain buffs through Talents. One of the most valuable is the Perfectionist Talent which grants Corvus a passive Offensive buff as long as he remains at full health. Since you'll be keeping your distance, a Ranged build can take full advantage of this. When fully upgraded, Corvus will also recover Energy when his health is 20 percent or lower.

Upgrade The Predator's Claw

As much of a risk it is, Corvus needs to use his Claw attack to draw enemies of their Plague in order to defeat them quickly. He can either use quick strikes or charge up for greater damage. When charging, the Claw launches him forward and the Predator's Claw makes that more effective. Since you have to use the Claw, being able to land it from far away is a must for the Ranged build.


That's everything you need to build an effective Thymesia ranged build. For more tips and tricks, check out the guides below:

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