Steam Deck Shipments Doubling As Q3 Arrives

Steam Deck Shipments Doubling As Q3 Arrives

Published: June 27, 2022 1:51 PM /


Steam Deck

Valve has been attempting to compete in the console market with the Steam Deck and is stepping things up. Since the handheld's launch, reservations have been in high demand with the company struggling to get orders out as fast as they come in. They've already doubled production on the devices and are now speeding up shipping to get them out as they prepare to receive more reservations.

The Steam Deck Shipping Efforts

Playing the Steam Deck


Valve is known for maintaining Steam, one of the largest online gaming platforms but has sought to expand accessibility through its Steam Deck. With the ability to play said games on a portable device, many users have leapt at the opportunity to purchase one leading a significant number of orders. Valve responded in kind by doubling production to keep up with requests, and have now increased their shipping speed to get orders out sooner. This is also in response to the fact that on June 30th, Valve will be taking in new reservations for the console as the third quarter begins.

Similar to the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck is the latest addition to HD portable gaming. It allows Steam users to link their accounts to the device so that they download select titles to the internal storage. Still quite recent, the console does not currently support all Steam titles but has published a list that is compatible with it. It comes in three storage sizes of 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB respectively. Though the console has received a positive reception, the main complaint is battery life which runs out very quickly when running more graphically demanding games.

The Steam Deck is quickly becoming a popular handheld, and Valve is increasing its efforts to prevent delays in orders. This will help prepare for the new batch that will start coming in at the end of June.




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