Dead By Daylight Exam Offers A Million Bloodpoint Prize

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Dead By Daylight Exam

The PvP slasher game Dead By Daylight is all about competition, but now it's hosting a different kind of contest. For the next 48 hours, players will have a chance to complete an exam based on the game for tons of Bloodpoints. Whoever ends up winning will gain a huge boost in terms of character progression.

The Dead By Daylight Exam

Dead By Daylight Killers


Since it was released in 2016, Dead By Daylight has continued to add new content in the form of chapters to include new killers, victims, and areas. It remains a highly competitive 1v3 PvP with players aiming to win Bloodpoints to improve their characters' abilities. The further players get, the more difficult it is to earn Bloodpoints but the Dead By Daylight exam offers an alternative. Players can sign up to answer 50 trivia questions based on the game for a chance to win 1,000,000 Bloodpoints. In order to sign up, players will need to register their Cloud ID. This can be found by opening the game, going to the Settings menu, and looking for the ID number in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In order to have a chance to win the Bloodpoints, players will need to earn a pretty high score. Each of the questions is worth two points and a minimum score of 90 is needed to be put in the running for the grand prize. This means that players will need to answer a minimum of 45 questions correctly which aren't just limited to the game's lore, it also asks questions based on game mechanics such as what certain symbols mean as well as the different effects certain perks have. This exam comes on the heel of the game's mid-chapter content update.

Dead By Daylight may be based on slasher films, but has constructed a rich world and detailed gameplay. If players feel confident enough in their knowledge of the game, they have 48 hours to sign up and complete the exam.


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