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In the ever-growing genre of Souls-like games, Thymesia by Over Border Studio and Team 17 adds another flavor to the lineup. You play as a powerful plague doctor known as Corvus who is tasked with finding a cure that has ravaged his kingdom. While exploring, you'll encounter many mutated humans alongside some monstrous humanoid creatures. Though Corvus will have access to a wide variety of weapons and techniques, he's still quite vulnerable to the unprepared. No matter what your playstyle is, there are certain skills or Thymesia Talents that you should give Corvus in order to give him and yourself a better chance against the plague creatures.

Corvus, the main character in Thymesia, crouches down while filled with plague energy that radiates a green glow and features glowing green eyes, as he stands among foliage and stone walls from the dungeon

Unlocking Talents - Best Thymesia Talents

Like other Souls-like games, Corvus will need to collect currency to spend on leveling up his stats. In terms of Talents, you'll need to spend Talent points which you'll earn as you level up and make progress. Talents affect one of several elements:

  • Saber
  • Deflect
  • Dodge
  • Talon
  • Feather
  • Strategies.

Continue on for the best Thymesia Talents you can pick up early to ensure you're successful!

Healing Execution (Saber)

Corvus Using the Scythe Plague Weapon against one of the Spike-covered behemoth enemies who uses a mutated arm to attack within the wooden walls of one of the dungeons

When you attack enemies, a health bar will appear above their heads that goes down when they take damage. Once you get their health and plague meter down to zero, the enemy will become dazed and gain a white aura. A red orb will appear at the center of their bodies allowing you to Execute them. Normally this is simply a finisher to kill the enemy, but this Talent can make it more useful. Since potions are valuable and checkpoints are few and far between, you need all the health boosts you can get and this one is necessary.

Defense (Deflect)

A well-timed Parry by Corvus against one of the soldiers in Thymesia to deal extra damage. Shows blood spattering all over the screen from the enemies torso, and flashes of sparks from their weapons colliding.

While ideally you'll want to avoid getting hit all together, enemies can still surprise and surround you. Sometimes you'll get locked in a combo and won't be able to disengage. It's very easy to take damage back-to-back and many attacks can stagger you. You have a Deflect move that negates attacks and deals damage to the enemy, but it requires good timing and won't stop their onslaught. That's why you should buy Defense as soon as you can since this unlocks a blocking move. Not only will this reduce damage significantly but also prevents you from getting knocked around.

Long Dodge (Dodge)

Corvus keeps his distance from a Spearman within the dungeon by using the Dodge ability. Background showcases flames and splinters of wood flying about from the spear head

One of your main defensive tactics is the dodge. Corvus is able to dodge quickly in order to avoid attacks and move around quickly. This becomes necessary when fighting in groups and against bosses that have a wide range. Unfortunately, the base dodge move is limited in terms of its invulnerability window and the distance it covers. Because of this, you should pick up the Long Dodge Talent as soon as you can. Not only does this allow Corvus to dodge twice in a row, but the second dodge covers a larger distance. This greatly increases your mobility.

Step And Jump (Dodge)

Corvus piercing a blood monster, a monster within the dungeon who appears to be covered head to toe in blood with a horrific face with only a large gaping hole for a mouth, with Plague Energy radiating from his weapon with a flash of green light

In games that are centered around combat and caution, jumping is not a common action. Corvus will need to climb ladders and walk edges, but will never need to actively jump in order to progress. He will need to jump in order to give him more options in battle and an alternative to the standard Deflect. By picking up the Step And Jump Talent, Corvus gets a chance to land stronger hits. When an enemy attempts a Critical Attack, Corvus can dash into them before the attack lands to jump up and above them. This not only interrupts the attack but lets Corvus counterattack.

Short Claw (Talon)

Charging up the claw to strike an infected farmer.

A key mechanic in Thymesia is how the plague works. When enemies take damage, they absorb plague energy to try and recover the damage which is represented by green in the health bar. To prevent them from healing, Corvus needs to attack them with his claw. Unfortunately, the claw needs to charge in order to have a significant effect, but there is an alternative. Getting the Short Claw gives the claw a much needed speed boost. Now Corvus can drain enemy plague energy with a series of quick strikes instead of charged slow strike.

That's it for our Thymesia Talents Guide. Hopefully this starts you off well in your playthrough! Check out more guides below:


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