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While Thymesia may be a Soulslike RPG, there are many things that set it apart from others. One of the most notable is the level of customization available for the main character, Corvus. In terms of actual gear, the only weapons you can change are Plague Weapons. You have up to three slots for these weapons, with one reserved for temporary weapons gained by using the Claw. However, you can gather Skill Shards to craft permanent Plague Weapons that you can take into battle. Unfortunately, some Shards are harder to find than others, but here's how you can get all of the Thymesia Skill Shards.

How to Get Skill Shards

As you slay enemies, they'll drop loot which can include Skill Shards. If they do drop them, they will also be of the weapon that the enemy was wielding. However, Skill Shards are not guaranteed to drop so invest some Talent Points in the Luck tree of the Strategies section to improve drop rates.

Thymesia Skill Shards - Standard Shard Locations

Outside of rare and boss Skill Shards, there's also some shards that can be obtained from basic enemies:

  • Bow: Has the greatest range and can be upgraded to shoot more arrows.
    • Get shards from Archers in the Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress.
  • Halberd: A versatile weapon that keeps enemies at a distance but can be used to attack groups effectively.
    • Get shards from spearmen throughout the game.
  • Flying Dagger: Excellent for disengaging and counter attacking with multiple projectiles.
    • Get shards from the acrobats in the Sea of Trees.
  • Scythe: Cover a wide area with a horizontal slash.
    • Get shards from the farmer enemies in the Royal Gardens.
  • Whip: A ranged attack that can knock enemies back and let you engage them quickly.
    • Get shards from the blood golems in the Royal Gardens.
  • Javelin Sword: Step back and hit the enemy with ranged attack or leap through the air with an AoE strike.
    • Get shards from the Royal Heir Urd.
Thymesia Skill Shards - Every Boss Skill Shard

Thymesia Skill Shards - Boss Shard Locations

These Shards can only be received from defeated the associated bosses. Upon defeat, you'll be given enough Shards to unlock the base form of the weapon. If you want to upgrade them, you'll need to defeat the boss repeatedly.

  • Miasma: You create a burst of smoke in front of you which staggers nearby enemies and briefly buffs your dodge to make you intangible.
    • The Shards are received from beating Odur in the Sea of Fools.
  • Mutated Tentacles: A disturbing weapon that causes a mess of tentacles to burst from your back and launch out in front of you.
    • These Shards can be gained from defeating Mutated Odur also in the Sea of Fools.
  • Fools' Punch: A hand-attack that charges with a lot of energy in order to knock down enemies with a shockwave.
    • You get these Shards from going to the Sea of Fools and slaying the God of Fools.
  • Blood Storm: A powerful AoE attack that drains your health in order to hit groups of enemies.
    • You can get these Shards from the Hanged Queen in the Royal Gardens.
  • Vile Blood Shield: Sacrifice health in order to create a bubble-like shield that absorbs damage.
    • These Shards are received from the Sound of the Abyss in the Underground Lab.
  • Giant Sword: Wield a huge stone sword for a devastating slam attack that hits hard in front of you.
    • You'll have to defeat Varg in the Hermes Fortress to get these Shards.
  • Javelin Sword: A powerful ranged weapon that allows you to step back and pierce enemies from afar.
    • Get these Shards from beating Urd in the Hermes Fortress.
Thymesia Skill Shards - Every Rare Skill Shard

Thymesia Skill Shards - Rare Shard Locations

Following the Boss Skill Shards, the following are Shards that can only be obtained from special enemies in certain locations. Though they're not as strong as bosses, each one should be approached with caution.

  • Hammer: Swing a huge hammer down in front of you for heavy damage and a limited AoE attack.
    • You'll need to fight the Hammer Clown enemy in the Sea of Fools to get these Shards.
  • Flying Daggers: Stocks you with several hidden blades that deal good damage while at the same time letting you get distance.
    • These Shards are gained from the Acrobat enemy in the Sea of Fools.
  • Greatsword: A long sword that hits hard and that you can perform wide swings with to hit and knock back multiple enemies.
    • You can find these Shards on the Red-Hooded swordsman that appear in the Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress.
  • Blood Blade: Sacrifice your health to imbue your Saber with power increasing how much damage you deal.
    • Get these Shards from the floating Hag enemies in the Royal Gardens.
  • Whip: A ranged weapon that lets you strike from afar, hitting multiple times, and striking multiple targets.
    • Only the Blood Golems in the Underground Lab and the Library of the Royal Gardens have these Shards.
  • Fist: Gain a much larger fist and slam it down in front of you for heavy damage and a short-range shockwave.
    • You can find these shards on the large Brute enemies in the Sea of Fools and Hermes Fortress.

That's it for our Thymesia Skill Shard Guide, you should be ready to snag every Boss Shard and Rare Shard now! Check out more guides below:

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