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Despite the fact that a mutagen plague has consumed the world of Thymesia, a majority of the enemies you'll encounter are humans. Some of them move sluggishly and clumsily while others are much sharper and more powerful. However, whether facing them individually or in groups, every encounter should be approached with caution. Beyond that, a bigger threat you'll need to confront are elite enemies that usually hold important items such as Keys or Enhancers to improve some of your equipment. These Thymesia Elite enemies pose a tremendous risk when fought, so you should prepare, especially if you're planning to seek them out for greater rewards.

Please note: The following enemy names are not official.

Red Hooded Swordsman

The Red Hooded Swordsman.

One of the first enemies you'll encounter in the game is a powerful warrior noted by a red hood and connecting cape. They have the potential to appear in any of the three main areas and there will be a few mandatory confrontations with them. They attack using a heavy long-sword for which you can collect plague shards. What makes this enemy difficult is its resilience, so you'll want to divert your Talent Points to Talents that improve your attack power or give you offensive buffs. This enemy has moderate speed but his attacks have much greater range than you'd expect. They're most vulnerable after finishing a long combo, a charge attack, or a big swing.

Twin Sword Strikers

Twin Blade Warrior.

This enemy comes in two varieties and can be encountered in the Royal Gardens and Hermes Fortress. There is male and female version of this enemy with very different attack patterns. The male version has much longer combos and can move more quickly. The female version has much more erratic movements and is able to hit with sudden heavy strikes. This an enemy that you don't want to risk being close to for long as they can launch into a devastating combo on a whim. Both of them tend to make use of leap attacks which can be easily interrupted or avoided, leaving them vulnerable to counter attack.

Hammer Clown

The Hammer Clown.

This is one of the rarest elite enemies of Thymesia, being encountered only in the Sea of Fools. You'll need to fight at least one to progress through the main story and it'll be waiting for you in a large tent. This enemy is large, and hits very hard using a hammer with wide swings. Though it's very slow, it will occasionally charge to engage you fast and cannot be staggered easily. Though it can take a lot of punishment, you have a speed and dodge advantage so you can stay behind it in relative safety. Just be cautious when getting close as it can use a quick shove to interrupt you briefly before following up with a strong attack.

Bladed Acrobat

The Bladed Acrobat.

Another enemy that can only be found in the Sea of Fools, this elite will appear in the main quest and some of the side quests. It is typically encountered in tents and will usually yield an Alchemy Enhancer when defeated. Though it can strike quickly from up close, its signature attack involves jumping away and throwing blades at you. After it leaps, dodge towards it to avoid the blades then follow up with a combo. It's easier to stagger than most so claw attacks and hard-hitting plague weapons like the Scythe can deal good damage. 

Strongarm Brute

The Strongarm Brute.

Possibly the largest of the elite enemies, this mutated giant can be encountered in the Sea of Fools and Hermes Fortress. It is usually encountered alone, but occasionally will be past a group of weaker enemies. As its build will have you believe, this enemy focuses on melee punching, having a signature combo of four to five hits with the last hit being the most damaging. It tends to use this combo whenever you get too close and will power through all your attacks. Your best bet is to bait it into using the combo, take potshots while it's doing it, and then close in for more damage as it finishes. It will also use an AoE slam attack if you get too far away which it will indicate by running towards you, so be ready to dodge at the last moment.

Blood Golem

The Blood Golem.

An unusual enemy, this elite can only be found in the Royal Gardens, specifically where there are pools of blood. This enemy needs to be defeated if you want to stop smaller blood enemies from respawning. It uses a whip as its main attack and commonly attacks from a distance using an aimed shockwave which shoots out in a straight line. This can be avoided simply by dodging to the side and then using the dodge attack to quickly engage it for solid damage. After being hit a few times, it will teleport to another part of the area, so use any ranged attacks you have like Feathers or the plague Bow to hit it where it spawns and then repeat the shockwave process.

Clawed Hag

The Clawed Hag.

This is one of the more dangerous elite enemies, both being deadly up close and at a distance. Appearing as a ghostly torso in a dark robe and large claws, it's only found in the Royal Gardens. What makes it particularly difficult to deal with is not only are other enemies nearby but that it will move around a lot during battle. At a range, it will shoot blood projectiles at you while close up, it will use damaging claw attacks including a special grapple that can drain most of your health. The safest approach is to counter it with ranged attacks and use strong hits after it misses its combo or grapple attack.

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