How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia

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Thymesia comes with many challenges that souls-likes players are used to. For some reason, this game almost feels like it is completely against you when you first begin. Luckily, we have found a way to gear up and power up to help get you ready for that first absolutely obnoxious boss you come into contact with. Here's our Thymesia First Boss preparation guide!

Thymesia Screenshot of the character menu showing Corvus' stats, How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia

How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia 

So how exactly do you prepare for the first boss fight? Simply put, it is going to take you a lot of time. When you start the first level called Sea of Trees, you will notice there are these glowing beacons that you were shown in the tutorial. At these beacons, you can have a seat and set up your talents, see your stats, and change your plague weapons up depending on what task you're tackling. 

Obviously, you aren't going to start with any talent points or memory shards to level up. Those are acquired through fighting enemies as you progress through the level. 

The Sea of Trees is a pretty simple map to traverse, though there are a few enemies that will grind your gears. No need to fear, the beacon is here. To start, you are going to run from that first beacon all the way through to the ladder you'll see located within the toxic orange smoke that will kill you if you breathe it in for too long. Right when you get to that point in the game, you are going to run back to the beacon and sit down. 

This will reset all of the enemies you just killed while keeping the shards you collected from kills along the way. This is going to be the bane of your existence for the next few hours, but trust us when we say it is worth it in the long run. Run from that first beacon, killing all enemies along the way, then repeat about 10-15 times. Once that's complete, you are going to reset it one more time. 

Photo of the ladder in the first level of Thymesia, How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia

So what about that terrible orange smoke in that room with the ladder that keeps almost killing Corvus? There is a yellow sac inside of that room that you can slash to bits, killing off the smoke in the room. Once you kill that sac once, the smoke will not respawn again, even after you reset. 

Screenshot of Both the toxic smoke and defeating the toxic sac in Thymesia, How To Prepare for The First Boss in Thymesia

Yet again, you are going to run through the entire map, all the way up to the first boss, killing each enemy along the way. Now you have more enemies in your way who are more difficult and give you more shards as you progress. Get to that next beacon by the first boss, turn around and run back to the beginning beacon yet again. Sit down. Reset the map, and repeat yet again about 10 times. 

Yes, this might sound tedious, and it may sound repetitive, but trust us when we say that this is the most effective way to build your stats.

So now, you have run through the map enough to make your brain go numb, and have all of those precious memory shards. What do you do with them? Sit down at your beacon, click level up, and begin choosing the most important stats, which are listed below. 

Get That Vitality Up To Beat The Boss

First things first, Vitality. One of the most important things in any souls game is your health points. The more health you have, the harder it will be for bosses and mobs to one-shot you and make you want to rage quit within mere minutes. Vitality in Thymesia is -- well -- vital. The game always seems like it is against you, so any boost you can give to your HP will help keep you from dying every five minutes. 

Only The Strong Survive Here

Next, you are going to want to build your strength. While you might see another stat to level called Plague, in the end, it really isn't as important as the HP and Strength. So we are going to throw half of the shards into health and the rest here in Strength. This stat is going to boost both your attack damage and amount of wounds you leave on the target. Wounds make it to where the enemy will take longer to heal up while you are fighting them. Yes, the enemies regain health WHILE you are attacking them if they go too long without a good slap. So wounds become important later down the line with harder enemies. 

Recommended talents for Thymesia First Boss

Under the Unlock Talents tab at your beacon, you are going to see several different options to specialize in. Personally, we chose this build to get prepped for the first boss: 

  • Saber
    • Saber Attacks Level 1
    • Saber Attacks Level 2 
    • Dodge and Slash Level 1
    • Dodge and Slash Level 2
    • Sharp Weapons Level 1
    • Sharp Weapons Level 2
    • Energized Weapon Level 1

  • Deflect
    • Defence Level 1
    • Defence Level 2
    • Defence Level 3

  • Claw
    • Long Claw Level 1 
    • Short Claw Level 1
    • Predators Claw Level 1
    • Energized Claws Level 1

  • Strategies
    • Plague Weapon Level 1
    • Plague Wounds Level 1
    • Plague Wounds Level 2
    • Blessing Level 1
    • Blessing Level 2

Now, talents can be switched around and changed at any time at a beacon completely free, so play around with them if you so choose. These are just the ones we saw as the most efficient way to prepare for that first boss. 

That concludes our how to prepare for the first boss in Thymesia guide. Have any good build ideas or tactics you think worked better? Let us know in the comments! Check out our otherThymesia guides as well for even more tips and tricks. 


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