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OverBorder Studio
Release Date
August 18, 2022 (Calendar)
Action, RPG
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Thymesia is a souls-like that has a familiar story intro: a once-thriving kingdom is now on the brink of ruin.

After discovering alchemy and thriving off of it, an attempt to stop using it horrifically backfired. Within days, the kingdom is in chaos and the streets are infested with monsters. Play as Corvus, who is the key to understanding what has happened, but it is locked away within his own memories. As Corvus, you will be able to seize the disease from "gruesome bosses" and wield them against the enemy. Players can also shift into the form of a raven during battle, which will be needed to survive the now desolate kingdom and the plague that slowly kills it. 

Thymesia will be available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. 

Developer Quote


Harness the Plague: Seize the disease from gruesome bosses and wield them as weapons. Give them a taste of their own medicine. This is the only way to survive this desolate kingdom.

Embrace the Raven: Shift into your raven form during battle. Throw your feathers like daggers and execute enemies with the swiftness of a raptor.

Fight Your Way: Upgrade and modify your basic movements and plague weapons. Build your very own play-style and prepare for the challenges in your way.

Shattered Memories: Recover your memories through adventures. With different choices you’ve made and items you’ve collected, you’ll get different endings. Stitch together your own truth.