Team 17 Reveals Souls-like Thymesia Release Date, Demo

Team17 has revealed that their next-gen souls-like ARPG Thymesia is releasing this summer.

Published: May 2, 2022 11:19 AM /



Team17 has revealed the Thymesia release date, a souls-like that's releasing on PC and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on August 9th, 2022. There's also a limited time demo that has released on Steam as of today until May 9th. For those of you looking for a new souls-like to dig into if you've beaten Elden Ring, this might be just what the doctor ordered.

What is Thymesia?

Thymesia is a souls-like that has a familiar story intro: a once thriving kingdom is now on the brink of ruin. After discovering alchemy and thriving off of it, an attempt to stop using it horrifically backfired. Within days, the kingdom is in chaos and the streets are infested with monsters.

As these types of stories generally go, your name is Corvus, and you've lost your memory. That isn't a good thing, because the key to understanding all of this is locked within his lost memories. Everytime you manage to discover something, you unlock more secrets, which sounds intriguing but usually leads to a confusing/underwhelming ending, so we'll have to see about that.

As for gameplay, players will be able to seize the disease from "gruesome bosses" and wield them against the enemy. Players can also shift into a raven form during battle and throw your feathers like daggers or execute your enemies swiftly. Weapons and movements can be modified and upgraded, and players will be able to build their own playstyle. Based on the choices players make and the items you've collected, you'll receive different endings. Basically, players will be able to stitch together their own endings like true schizophrenics, which sounds moderately terrifying. 

Want to see the Thymesia release date trailer? Of course you do. Check it out below:

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