Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa Version Will Ruin Your Christmas

Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa Version Will Ruin Your Christmas

Published: November 30, 2018 6:20 PM /


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The nightmare returns: a Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version has been created as reported by the Associated Press.

A good portion of our readership is likely fortunate enough to have never been inflicted with the pain of having to deal with one of these silly wall fishes. This novelty product first gained steam in the early 2000s, annoying the everloving heck out of people by popping up and singing any one of several songs.


The novelty fish had all but faded into irrelevance like most other As Seen On TV products. Unfortunately, some madman has revived it and created the Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version. A developer had first managed to make a Billy Bass work with the Alexa a couple of years back. Someone at the company saw dollar signs and produced the Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version.

I might have been a bit harsh, but I spent goodness knows how many years having to listen to these things at various points in my life. In my practiced opinion, the novelty wears off quickly and it rapidly becomes an annoyance that you can't wait to permanently power down.

The special Alexa version of this product can be paired with a device in the Echo family. It will be able to respond to voice commands, lip sync to those commands with its terrifying fishy mouth, and even play your tracks off of Amazon Music. This device must be used with an Alexa or something similar in the Echo family and can not outright replace one on its own.

Still, the Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version might make for a funny novelty gift. Even better, it's probably the perfect way to annoy the heck out of someone who has wronged you in the past. You could also pick up a sledgehammer for just a few bucks more and give a good bit of stress relief to people like me who have been traumatized by this terrible (and possibly Satanic) creation.

Those of you who like fish should probably stick to a slightly more sane gift like a copy of Twice Circled's Megaquarium. If you hate yourself or someone else in your life, you can buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version for $39.99 or your regional equivalent starting December 1, 2018. God help us all.

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What do you think of the Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa version? Do you think it would make for a fun gift or was it a terrible, terrible mistake to bring this product back to life? Let us know in the comments below!



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