VR App Postity Spams Friends Lists on Steam

Published: September 18, 2017 7:06 PM /


Postity Steam VR Spam Header

If you have a friend sporting a Vive, you might have received an invitation to something called Postity. That's a shortened version of the full title, which is Postity - VR Enthusiast community - TALK ABOUT VR IN VR. New links, photos, videos, gifs, memes, everytime you're in VR. Alongside other VR apps. Released this past week, the VR social media application is an ostensibly upgraded version of BasementVR and aims to let you surf through a feed of social media posts while on the grid.

However, the invite you may have received to Postity may not have been a vote of confidence. Upon launching the app, Postity was designed to immediately spam game invites to everyone on your Steam friends list. Users on Reddit and elsewhere were quick to warn potential users about this spammy behavior, but it seems to be working as intended. Postity's Steam page lists the invites as a feature alongside setting itself to launch automatically with Windows.

Postity will suggest you channels you might be interested in, and will invite your Steam friends to your network - so you will always have new content to watch. Also it starts automatically once Windows boots up - so it's always on, whenever you're in VR.
Postity was a free app when it was available for download, but its Steam page currently lacks a way to download the application. The few reviews on that page don't offer any further insight, mostly reading as desperate pleas for help in uninstalling the application. Feedback on the forums, where the developers sought it out, is largely requesting the developer to remove the friend invitation feature.

TechRaptor has reached out to Valve and the developers of Postity and will update with any response we receive.

Quick Take

Anyone who has been on the Internet for any length of time will recognize these tactics as signs of Malware. Even if it's not an intentional comparison, this kind of forced attachment to an application will surely inspire savvy users to stay far away from this would be social media database.

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