Dynamic duo!

Poison Control Review

Despite the chaos we associate with it, even Hell needs a cleanup crew. Taking the role of an anime teenager in the underworld, just forces with poison creature to clean up the personal hells of humans in Poison Control.
The Last and Only Stand.

Survive the Vikings in Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

There are so many game about being conquering Vikings but not many about enduring them. Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is game about a group of civilians and soldiers holding against an overwhelming Viking force. How long will you last?

Say NO! More Review

Say NO! More is game about saying "No" in order to climb the corporate ladder. Is it as empowering and satisfying as it sounds? Read and find out.
Subverse sales cover

Stellar 'Subverse' Sales Secure #2 Spot on Steam

Subverse sales have been surprisingly stellar, securing the second-place spot on Steam's weekly charts. And yes, Valheim is still at the top.
The EA Play subscription service logo

(Updated) Dead Space 2, Other EA Games Not Working For Steam EA Play Members

Some gamers who have subscribed to the EA Play subscription service via Steam are finding themselves unable to play certain EA games.
The Steam logo against a backdrop of games available on the platform

Valve And Perfect World To Launch Steam China Beta On February 9th

Valve and Perfect World will launch a beta of the Steam China client later this month.
A white Xbox Elite controller

Steam Adds New Features For Xbox Elite Controller And More


Steam has received an update that adds new features for Xbox Elite controllers, as well as other types of controllers.

Monster Camp Title Screen

Summer Spookin' in Monster Prom Sequel Monster Camp

A first look at the demo for Monster Camp, the upcoming sequel to hilarious "competitive dating sim" Monster Prom
Steam News Steam Labs cover

Steam News is The Newest Place To Get Your TechRaptor Fix


Steam Labs has been working hard at improving the experience on Steam, and now a new test is underway.

A car leaping into action in Rocket League

Rocket League On Steam Now Requires An Epic Games Account


After the recent September update, Rocket League now requires you to have an Epic Games account when you're playing it on Steam.