Cult Tactics RPG Yggdra Union Comes To Steam Next Month

Get ready to get your thinking cap on, as cult classic tactics RPG Yggdra Union is heading to Steam next month.

Published: January 24, 2023 4:00 AM /


Yggdra forming a union in the GBA tactics RPG Yggdra Union, which is coming to Steam

Sting Entertainment's cult classic RPG Yggdra Union is getting a Steam release. The game, which features an innovative tactical combat system allowing characters to team up for attacks against enemies, will arrive on PC next month, giving you the chance to experience this unique RPG on modern platforms (assuming you can't read Japanese, of course).

If you're unfamiliar with Yggdra Union, here's a quick rundown. It's the second part of a series known as Dept. Heaven, which also includes Knights in the Nightmare and Gungnir. You play as the titular Yggdra, a young woman whose homeland of Fantasinia is invaded by the Bronquian Empire. Alongside new ally Milanor, you must fight to liberate your homeland.

To do so, you'll engage in turn-based tactical battles with some real-time elements. Yggdra Union revolves around its titular Union system, which allows up to five party members to take part in fights at once depending on positioning. There's also a card system that lets you use special moves and abilities to gain the upper hand over your enemies.

A chaotic battle scene involving Milanor and a dragon knight in Yggdra Union
If you like games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, you'll probably find something to love in Yggdra Union.

The PC version of the game will feature a toggle between Japanese and English voice acting, as well as the ability to freely save whenever and wherever you want during battle. If you're in Easy mode, you can use items indefinitely, and other quality-of-life improvements like changes to the item break system and equipment removal are also included.

These features are added to the ones that were already present in PSP, mobile, and Switch ports of the game (the latter two of which have not yet been released in the West). These include autosaves, a conversation log, and a rewind function, so if you played Yggdra Union on GBA and thought it was a touch too hard, the PC version should alleviate that issue somewhat.

Yggdra Union launches for PC via Steam on February 6th. Technically, the game will be an Early Access release, although Sting says all of its content will be present and that the Early Access tag is just so the developers can make "operability and touch feeling" improvements in the first few months of launch. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more.

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