This Week in Kickstarter – Limbo Meets Silent Hill

This Week in Kickstarter – Limbo Meets Silent Hill

Published: November 3, 2015 10:00 AM /


Grey Night Cover

This week in Kickstarter we have a a wearable device you can control computers with using movements in your hand, a collectible card RPG, a 3D scanner for your phone, and more!


Dropfleet Commander


An orbital space combat game.

Dropfleet Commander is a planetary invasion themed board game for 2 players. In it you'll take command of the orbital battle fleets that fight for control of the worlds Humanity calls home, using highly detailed miniatures.

The conflict lies between the United Colonies of Mankind who seek to retake humanity's lost worlds, and the Scurge, a parasitic force that stop's at nothing to enslave all the human race holds dear. The game is brought to you by Andy Chambers of Warhammer 40,000, and David J Lewis of Dropzone Commander.

Dropfleet is an interesting looking game, but good god are those some beautiful miniatures. The amount of detail they manage to capture is downright impressive! I wish the Kickstarter said a little more about the minute-to-minute gameplay, as it mostly just gives you the set up and a bad ass space battle. Still, the creators have proved their skill with games in the past and the game looks like something worth checking out.


Turn your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner.

The eora 3D scanner is the world's first high-precision 3D scanner that's completely smartphone powered. This "extremely affordable" 3D scanner enables users to capture physical objects and create 3D models.


What sets this scanner apart from others is its best of both worlds approach. The eora 3D scanner is meant for the accuracy of a premium scanner at a much cheaper price point. The solution they found was to harness the power of and optics within modern smartphones. This allowed the team to reduce their part count and focus on high-precision scanning. The device scans so accurate it is precise to the width of a piece of paper.

With 3D printing on the rise, having affordable but accurate options is a welcoming sight to see. Most people out of the know seem to think 3D printing is some kind of luxury activity akin to horseback riding or race car driving—something you can only do if you have money to spend. Hopefully more options like these will help turn 3D printing into a more common hobby for people. Having these pictures go directly to my phone is pretty nifty too, and the elegant design this team has come up with is certainly impressive.

A cinematic platformer with a dark atmospheric tone.

Wearing its Limbo inspiration on its sleeve, Grey Night is a moody, dark looking cinematic platformer for Windows PC. The story takes place after a man awakens from a car crash to find his daughter is missing (sounds like a certain famous horror game) The world is somehow different, with monsters roaming the area, he must find his daughter before it's too late.


Like many cinematic platformers, Grey Night is single player, and gameplay consists of solving puzzles, bossfights and quick time events. The story has no dialogue, rather the character's animations will drive the plot. All cutscenes are also interactive.

What caught my eye about Grey Night were the visuals, but what got me interested was the game play. The game sets itself up like a horror game, but quickly the visuals show the game is more a drama of a man trying to save his daughter. I've always had a soft spot for cinematic platformers and would love to see more games in this genre, so maybe I'm just biased, but Grey Night looks special and I hope the developers get a chance to release it on more consoles. This game is like Limbo meets Silent Hill in the best looking way.

A wearable device that allows you to control your computer or mobile device with your hands.

Gest was created because keyboards and mice are, in the Kickstarter's words, "starting to make less sense as our devices get smaller and more embedded in our lives." Gest lets the user interact with tech in more intuitive ways. You can switch between apps by twitching your fingers, or move a mouse by pointing your finger at the screen.

Rotate a 3-dimensional object by just grabbing and rotating, or adjust sliders in Photoshop. Users looking to get creative can program their own gestures for Gest. If you want to summon music from your hooked up speakers with a special wave of the hand, go for it.

Gest seeks to answer a "future" problem that might not even exist. It seeks at every moment to prove its utility but three seconds of thinking tells you it is more of a hindrance. It says keyboards are obsolete, yet uses an invisible keyboard for typing anyway. Their demonstration in the video is just an animation, not 1:1 with the man on screen using Gest. In reality, controlling brightness seems like a real pain, requiring you turn your wrist completely form one side to another to get full usage, whereas a mouse can achieve the same effect with very small movements of the wrist.

A sneak peek of what you can do with Gest and Photoshop

That's great you want to replace keyboards, but I don't use a physical keyboard on my phone, I use a digital one that doesn't require strapping a device on my hand and needs to be charged every night. This whole thing seems like it's so ready to be ahead of the curve, it never asked if driving straight would have just been more convenient. I haven't even spoken on how much more reliable physical feedback is to the flimsy visual feedback these devices provide. I think this is a neat idea, so I don't want to come off too harsh, but this device is frankly pointless.

A cocktail of Dungeons& Dragons and Magic The Gathering.

Labyrinth is a Collectible Card Game for PC and Mac, with iOS and Android releases to follow. In the game you'll assemble decks of Heroes to invade rival dungeons and fight in 3D PVP battles. Use loot from your victories to customize your dungeon and build a more powerful deck of bosses, minions, and traps to defend your riches.

Labyrinth brings a number of features to the formula. Your Offense Deck forms your party with which you raid dungeons, while your Defense Deck fills out the Bosses that defend your dungeon from other Heroes. Boss cards define their own themed dungeon rooms. The game is free-to-play, and features hundreds of cards.

The idea of blending Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons helps the game stand out among the generous number of other CCG games online right now. I like their plans to bring "actions" to collectible card games. This creates new dynamic for play in the CCG genre and has me interested to see what kinds of play are possible.


UsBidi - The World's Most Intelligent Charger Ever!

A durable USB charger designed to smartly power your phone.

To meet the ever growing demand on our smartphone's batteries, UsBidi was created to be a charger that's reliable, saves battery and time, and keeps your cord tangle free. This charger is designed as a mix of intelligence and art, to make your daily life easier and faster.

UsBidi automatically shuts off power completely once fully charged to keep from heat and mini-charging cycles the Kickstarter says will damage your battery, and that this will extend battery life and help charges last longer. It also has an LED indicator to show you charging status at a glance, magnetic ends for tidy storage, and a braided exterior for durability. It works for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Honestly, most phones these days have systems in place to prevent overcharging, but I suppose some phones (Samsung straight up tells you to unplug it) might not have that tech in their devices, so this product could see some use. Besides it certainly doesn't hurt to have extra protection. The magnet for easy storage is a nice touch, and having at-a-glance info for charging is useful as well. The time alone it'll save me from not having to untangle it makes for an all around solid product.

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