Dell Reveal New Alienware Concept UFO Handheld PC; Nintendo Switch-Inspired Design

Published: January 7, 2020 4:00 PM /


Alienware Concept UFO

The Nintendo Switch offers its users the chance to continue their gaming endeavors with its handheld nature and its paddle-like detachable controllers. However, what if it was possible to combine the PC's capabilities and handheld gaming into one device? This is exactly what Dell's Alienware brand showcased earlier during their CES 2020 press briefing. Presented as the Concept UFO, the handheld gaming PC shows a striking resemblance to the Nintendo Switch, but promises more power and functionality.

All that we could spot was a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack. Other than that, Dell hasn't revealed much in terms of its hardware specifications, expected retail price, or even an expected launch date. As it stands, it simply looks like an early prototype. However, the event's hands-on session showcased World War Z and Rocket League, and reports were all positive in terms of how smooth and natural it felt.

Director of Advanced ID Drew Tosh talked with Laptop Mag on their target audience, and what drew Alienware's brand to go into the handheld territory of gaming.

We see [the target audience] in two ways. It's either an entry [product] because it's maybe baseline, [or] really it's more for the ultimate gamer who has probably a desktop set up at home, has a mobile unit as well, and is ready to have what I would call full mobile commute-type environment to game 100% of the time.

Dell Director of Engineering Kevin Turchin followed it up with how the design came to be and its potential in the market.

We actually view [the UFO] as the first of its kind. When we look at the balance that we've achieved between performance and portability it does allow [us] to have a product that we view can be potentially viable in the market looking forward.”

What would be your expected price range to tempt you into venturing to handheld PCs?

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