Project management is a hectic process that all employees loathe. It heavily relies on the collaboration of various individuals from various departments. Thus, naturally it is a tough task to coordinate. However, the use of technology has enabled organizations to make this management a simple one. No, we are not referring to emails. The era of chain emails and shared platforms are long gone. Current technology is much more targeted. The following are some such technologies that are specifically customized for the use of project management.

1. Cloud Storage

Although filing cabinets were essential in the past, they have become obsolete in the current age. Tech systems such as cloud computing enable you to back up your data on the go. By storing all the data on the cloud, you will get direct control over the information. This means that you can alterand update the data anytime from anywhere. This gives you more control over the project and thereby enables you to work according to your convenience. Even in the event of a computer glitch, you can be assured that your project data will be secure.

2. Instant Communication

Over the last decade, the mode of business communication has changed dramatically. International phone calls and personal visits have been replaced by Skype chats and email conversations. Customized communication software systems are highly advantageous for project management since it connects a great number of participants from various locations instantly. In this case, an enterprise PM tool with instant communication features can be of high value for the project. Such tools can enable you to transfer and share information to any corner of the world on a 24/7 basis.

3. Social Media

Social interaction is imperative for proper project management since the opinions of all members must be taken into account. Social media platforms enable you to ensure this constant and collaborative connectivity. The exchange of information has been made much easier due to the use of social media sites. Many organizations utilize Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with their teams. This portable technology has encouraged all employees to get involved in the project. It has also made it easier for the managers to track the progress of the project.

4. PM Software Systems

These software systems enable you to combine all the above facilities and much more into one project management program. Such software applications are created specifically for the purpose of project management. These systems enable you to facilitate the project according to your own convenience and requirements. For instance, Celoxis PM tools enable you to perform various tasks such as filing, cost estimation, scheduling and documentation through user-friendly services. Such applications can be simply downloaded online for a reasonable price.

The innovation of modern technology puts your project info at your fingertips. It is so much easier to plan and execute a project when you have the right tools in your pocket. However, it is important to understand that the real value of technology in project management depends on the way in which it is utilized.

On a related note, here are some lessons to keep in mind when you hit a brick wall during your project management career.

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