CES 2014: Big Ones - T-Mobile's CEO John Legere crashed AT&T's CES party

01/07/2014 - 13:54 | By: JR Moore

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Some times it just takes a big pair...

Last night T-Mobile's CEO John Legere stepped up his AT&T bashing by entering the lion's den by showing up at AT&T's CES party for developers at the Palms Hotel.


With his T-Mobile Shirt and all... (via re/code)

Legere says that he wasn't there to cause a ruckus and "I just wanted to hear Macklemore," he told re/code. Well AT&T officials spotted him pretty easily (I'm guessing it was the pink shirt with the giant T on it) and was quickly approached by hotel security and was asked to leave.  He was told that if he would not leave immediately, that he would be charged with trespassing. He was then escorted off the property.

In his post escort interview he pointed out that AT&T spent quite a bit of money on the party and that he would have cut prices with all of that money instead. AT&T would not comment on the situation.

AT&T and T-Mobile have been going at it for a while, with it all coming to a head later on at CES when T-Mobile unveils their 'Un-Carrier 4.0' program that will ruffle AT&Ts feathers.

But for AT&T, they had the last laugh last night as they announced that they won the bid to be the provider of wireless services for German automaker Audi.


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