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Devil May Cry V Spite Edition Made by PC Modders


Devil May Cry V has a very loyal fanbase, and it is no surprise that Capcom is trying to sedate that fanbase with the announcement of a Special Edition of the game coming to next-generatio


NeoFly Adds a Career Mode to Flight Simulator 2020


NeoFly is a mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which adds a sort of career mode to the game, turning it into an experience more like European Truck Simulator, for those

Ocarina of Time Online Halloween Event cover

Ocarina of Time Online Halloween Event Debuts Costumes and Events


The Ocarina of Time Online Halloween event has been announced, debuting 30 new costumes, emotes, and much more in an update for this fan-made mod for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Ti

Minecraft Steve Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Steve Mod Brings Custom Skins To The Battle


Super Smash Bros. modding has a pretty prolific history to it, going as far back as Super Mash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Super Smash Bros.

Dark Souls: Nightfall cover

Dark Souls: Nightfall Announced as Fan-Made Sequel


Dark Souls: Nightfall has been announced as a fan-made direct sequel to the first game in the franchise.

Fallout 4 Sim Settlements 2 mod cover

Fallout 4 Sim Settlements 2 Mod is Coming 'Incredibly Soon'


The Fallout 4 Sim Settlements 2 mod has been announced by the team behind one of the most popular and robust mods for Bethesda's open-world sci-fi RPG, but not every platform will be getti

G String Half-Life 2 mod cover

G String Half-Life 2 Mod is Getting Ready for a Steam Release


The G String Half-Life 2 mod is a total conversion project that has been in the works for 13 years. Soon, it will be making its way to Steam as a full, standalone release.

CurseForge Overwolf cover

Overwolf Acquires CurseForge, Developing Standalone App


Modding organization and distribution platform CurseForge is leaving Twitch for greener pastures.

The Nameless Mod art

Deus Ex 20th Anniversary: The Nameless Mod Retrospective


If a game came out today that depicted a world ravaged by a viral outbreak, dehumanized by capitalism, in the throes of mass public riots, gripped by anti-government sentiment, and witnessing the p

A fan-made mod has made Sekiro co-op and PVP play possible

You Can Now Play Sekiro Co-Op Thanks To Sekiro Online Mod


Just like the rest of From Software's games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be a pretty unforgiving experience.